From The RamCave: 8/19/22

By Joe Torosian

It’s game day…

Prediction? Yeah, I don’t want to see the Rams punt or attempt a field goal from inside the Texans 30.

Final Score:
Los Angeles Rams 27
Houston Texans 22

Lance McCutcheon Add: He catches two passes, and doesn’t score a touchdown.

The ESPN crew worked really hard last night trying to sell the Seattle Seahawks to America. 

“It’s not a rebuild, but a new era…”

…and then Geno Smith lined up behind center.

And then it wasn’t Geno Smith’s fault, but the players around him…And then Jacob Eason played the second half and brought the team a little bit—not a lot—of life.

And, “Geno Smith may have missed his opportunity. How much will Jimmy G. Cost?”

As a Rams fan, I am thrilled about the Seahawks’ quarterbacks.

Regarding the Bears, Justin Fields looks better than he did last year. But I don’t think that’s enough to keep the Bears out of last place in the NFC North.

There’s been a Simba Webster sighting in Chicago.

Yesterday we discussed roster breakdowns by position. For quarterbacks, the Rams kept three a year ago, along with six receivers, three tight ends, and three running backs.

The standard number for offensive linemen on a roster is nine.

Here’s who the Rams have.

Rams hopeful at RG, Logan Bruss
(Photo by Henry Yep)

Brian Allen—Starter
Jeremiah Kolone—Played most of the first game but did not wow. He first came to the Rams in 2018 out of San Jose State and has been waived or released seven times. At 27, he’s yet to take a regular-season snap.
Jack Snyder—Also (UDFA) from San Jose State, is listed as a tackle but played 16-snaps at center against the Bolts.

David Edwards—Starter
Coleman Shelton—Starter…Also serves as the backup center.
Logan Bruss—Making the team and right now looks like a backup. He’s wearing #60. Dennis Harrah wore the same number and played right guard. Bruss is 6-5, and Harrah was 6-5…Harrah played at 260-pounds…Bruss plays at 309.
Chandler Brewer—Has been around since 2019, hasn’t seen the field since then. At 6-6/319 he’s seen action at guard but has been listed as a tackle. He’s been released twice and brought back.

Legendary Rams RG, Dennis Harrah. (Photo by Henry Yep)

Rob Havenstein—Starter
Joseph Noteboom—Starter
Alaric Jackson—Played well last year. Barring an unforeseen crash and burn, he’ll make the final roster. Very versatile. Played 30-snaps last Saturday at left tackle and 15-snaps at right guard.
Tremayne Anchrum—Drafted 7/250/2020 out of Clemson, Anchrum’s time has come. Like Jackson, he’s versatile, playing both guard and tackle. Played 53 snaps last week: 27 at left tackle and 26 at left guard.
Bobby Evans—Drafted 3/97/2019, but his time is done. More than likely to be cut. Among the very few draft busts of the McSnead era.
A.J. Arcuri: Drafted 7/262/2022 out of Michigan State, his size and background make him a Practice Squad candidate. Played 31 snaps at right tackle in the second half last week.
Max Pircher—From Italy, Pircher’s a 6-7/300 project who came to the Rams a year ago. He has yet to play a preseason snap. He’ll be cut and signed to the Practice Squad.

Notes: They should keep nine, but the versatility of players like Shelton, Jackson, and Anchrum make carrying eight doable. Eight linemen allow the offense to keep an extra receiver or a fourth running back.

Kolone, Snyder, Evans, Arcuri, Pircher, and Brewer will be cut. Brewer, a long shot at making the active roster, will, along with Arcuri, go immediately to the Practice Squad if they pass through waivers.


Darrell Henderson

On this Date:
Happy Birthday to Darrell Henderson, who turns 25 today.
And former Ram linebacker Will Witherspoon turns 42.

Witherspoon spent five years with the Rams from 2006-2009 and returned in 2013 to close his career. He was a member of the 2003 Carolina Panthers and played in the Super Bowl.

Also on this date:
1972—The Rams traded Jeff Staggs (LB) and a draft pick (3/63/1973) to the St. Louis Cardinals for quarterback Pete Beathard. The Cardinals used the draft pick to take Terry Metcalf.

Pete Beathard for Terry Metcalf. I have no more words.

1978—The Rams waived Doug Smith. Three days later (8/22/78), he was re-signed. Smith would go on to play for the Rams from 1978-1991 and appear in six consecutive Pro Bowls (1984-1989). In 187 games, he started 160.

On this day in 1983, after 118 games, 85 starts, 30-ints, 4Tds, & 2 Pro Bowls, the Rams said goodbye to Rod Perry.

1983—Rams traded Rod Perry and a 3rd-round pick (1985) to Detroit Lions for tight end David Hill. The trade was canceled when Perry failed his physical. It was modified a few days later, with the Rams sending a 1984 draft pick (3/75) to the Lions.

1991—After eight seasons, six as a starter, the Rams waived linebacker, Mike Wilcher. Wilcher was drafted 2/36/1983 out of North Carolina, he spent his final NFL season in San Diego. (Join his newsletter)
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