From The RamCave: 8/18/22

By Joe Torosian

Joe Torosian

Deshaun Watson: 11-games, 5-Rocks, Browns season over—unless Jacoby Brissett can do what he’s never done before.

Last Add Watson: Why the press conference? The Browns already gave their opinion about Watson when they guaranteed him 230-Rocks. So, who cares what they say now?

Really Last Add Watson: He apologized, but maintained his innocence. The only thing affirmed here is—never apologize in public. For the media and culture it will never be enough.

Privately? Sure.
Publicly? Never.

The Bears-Seahawks kick off Week 2 of the preseason tonight.

Question: Are we supposed to apologize for loving preseason football?

John Wolford is starting tomorrow night against the Houston Texans. In a way, I feel like we called that. Bryce Perkins might not have created a competition for QB2—but did raise a question. 

And that’s why The Wolf is playing. Otherwise, why didn’t he play last week with his limited number of game snaps since 2020?

Everyone’s jazzed about Lance McCutcheon. Everyone is talking about him, so I’ll keep this short.
Below is the standard breakdown of an offensive roster by position.

QB—2: The Rams kept three last year.
RB—4: Started 2021 with Darrell Henderson, Sony Michel, & Jake Funk.
WR—6: This is where we’ll start.
TE—3: Currently Tyler Higbee, Kendall Blanton, Brycen Hopkins.
OL—9: For another day.

Allen Robinson (Photo by Henry Yep)

Cooper Kupp (Photo by Henry Yep)

WR Depth Chart:
Note: The top of the list needs no discussion, and the rest seem like locks unless—unless!—somebody gets dealt.
1.) Cooper Kupp 
2.) Allen Robinson
3.) Van Jefferson: If he’s slow to recover. Look for the Rams to buy some time by placing him on Injured Reserve. This means he’ll miss the first four weeks of the season.
4.) Ben Skowronek: Think what you want, but Sean McVay likes him. He runs routes and plays special teams. Fans just have an issue with his hands.
5.) Tutu Atwell: He’ll fill the role Desean Jackson was supposed to fill last year. The burner in residence. Not going anywhere unless it’s to the IR after a strong wind.
6.) Brandon Powell: Number one return man, being incorporated into the offense.

Now, what do you do?
Jacob Harris: This guy is 6-5/219, great speed, but he only caught 49 passes in college.
Lance McCutcheon: You saw what he could do in the first week of preseason. I’ll repeat that, first week of the preseason.
Note: Do you see the Rams keeping eight receivers? They likely have to go with two quarterbacks and three running backs to do that.

Maybe Perkins slips through to the Practice Squad. But then, what three backs do you start the season with? Cam Akers, Darrell Henderson, and Kyren Williams? All three are currently banged up without taking a live-action snap.

And The Rest?
Austin Trammell–Gone
J.J. Koski—Gone
Landen Akers—Gone
Note: Any of these guys could end up on the Practice Squad.

By The Way:
The letters missing?


Former Rams CB, Cliff Hicks. (Photo by Henry Yep)

On This Date:
Happy birthday to former Rams CB Clifford Hicks, who turns 58 today.
Drafted by the Rams (3/74/1987) out of Oregon, Hicks was 5-9/190 and spent the bulk of his career as a punt returner.
In parts of four seasons with the Rams, he played in 34 games, starting six at CB, picking off three passes.
Midway through 1990, he signed with Buffalo and played on three of their four Super Bowl teams.
Hicks spent his last two seasons with the Jets, with a brief off-season return to the Rams in between. 

Also On this date:
1975: WR Otto Stowe retired—story for another time.
1976: The Rams waived RB “Mini” Mack Herron—story for another time.
1989: Acquired TE Pat Carter from the Detroit Lions for a fourth round pick (4/105/1990) 

The story on this date in Rams history comes from 1977 when the Rams traded Jack (Hacksaw) Reynolds to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Did you know about that?

After 1976 several Rams had played out their options. Among them were Ron Jaworski, Harold Jackson, Tom Mack, Cullen Bryant, and Reynolds.

There was friction and frustration after the team’s third consecutive NFC title loss. James Harris was traded, and Joe Namath was signed.

Reynolds signed his contract after disputing with the front office, but then the Rams dealt him to the Bucs, who were heading into their second NFL season after going 0-14 in 1976.

Reynolds refused to report to Tampa, and the trade was canceled. The Rams were approached by the Washington Redskins. George Allen was with the Rams in 1970 when Reynolds was drafted in the first round. But the Skins didn’t have the draft pick or picks the Rams wanted.

(Remember Allen was the founding-father of “Blank Them Picks.”)

One week later, the Baltimore Colts came in as a third party. The Colts were looking for a tough guy at middle linebacker to replace Mike Curtis. They’d send a pick and an unnamed player to Tampa, and Tampa would send their pick(s) to the Rams, who would then send Reynolds to Baltimore.

Ultimately the deal fell through, and Reynolds remained with the Rams through 1980. In 1981 the Rams released him, he signed with San Francisco, and won the Super Bowl that season and again in 1984.

Jack Reynolds, Wendell Tyler, Charles Haley, Steve Wallace, and Bryant Young…The Rams have done the 49ers so many favors.

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