College Football Breakdown:11/17/21

By Joe Torosian

College Football (Games seen)
Ole Miss 29, Texas A&M 19—The Aggies had their moment against Alabama, but they are only so-so. The Rebels on the other hand are a perennial—meaning you can watch them week after week. Matt Corral is the only FBS quarterback who looks like he should be a first day pick.
Baylor 27, Oklahoma 14—It was inevitable that Caleb Williams, at some point, was going to have a game where he looked like a freshman. But the Sooners response should not have been to go back to Spencer Rattler. A lot of people like the Baylor, I’m not one of them. Brutal loss for the Sooners

Note: What happened at the beginning of the season or a month ago begins to diminish. Special circumstances also play a part. Michigan being ranked higher than Michigan State is an example. The Wolverines were the better team that day, on the road, but some poor coaching decisions cost them the game. Oregon won in Columbus back in September, but I believe Ohio State would club the Ducks today.

TOP Four College Playoff Teams
(Strictly Based on Games I’ve seen)
1—Georgia (10-0): Bulldogs took care of the Volunteers, but it doesn’t look like anyone is going to take care of them. So America’s hope remains Stetson Bennett.
2—Alabama (9-1): Beat New Mexico State, 59-3. I guess this was the Tide’s way of beating an Aggie team this season. Cruising for a bruising.
3—Ohio State (9-1): The Buckeyes exploded on Purdue, but the loss to Oregon still hovers. I don’t know if the Buckeyes are better than either of the Michigan schools. The next two weeks will answer that question.
4—Oregon (9-1): Plays the big one this week at Utah. Oh, and they’d lose to Ohio State today. Don’t expect them to make the playoffs.

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(Outside Looking In)
5—Michigan (9-1): Jim Harbaugh let Cade McNamara go the distance, and the Wolverines now have a shot.
6—Notre Dame (9-1): If there’s not too much Jack Coan, the Irish could beat Michigan State.
7—Michigan State (9-1): Seven is a temporary holding spot for the Spartans. They beat the Buckeyes, they go into the Final Four.
8—Cincinnati (10-0): Desmond Ridder is a second round pic, and the Bearcats are a second level—albeit undefeated—team.
9—Baylor (8-2): They lost to TCU and Oklahoma State…but beat Oklahoma. Lucky?
10—Oklahoma (9-1): The Sooners played with a lot of fire this season and finally got burned.
11—Ole Miss (8-2): Best watch in the FBS. Give me some more Matt Corral.
12—Oklahoma State (9-1): Overrated. I can’t get into them…Goodbye, Goodnight, Good luck.
13—Wisconsin (7-3): Winners of six in a row and likely playing for the Big Ten championship in December.
14—Wake Forest (9-1): Great offense with a New York Jets defense.
15—Iowa (8-2): Now if Chuck Long had some eligibility left then they’d have something. Even Matt Rodgers would make a difference.
16—Utah (7-3): Should not have fooled around with Arizona for so long. That game should have been a blowout. Cannot start slow against the Ducks this week.
17—Arkansas (7-3): Curious to see what KJ Jefferson does next year. Hopefully he doesn’t declare for the draft or enter the transfer portal. They could pull something at Bama.
18—Texas A&M (7-3): The Aggies close out the season with Prairie View and LSU. So they’ll finish 9-3 and get a fat bowl game.
19—Penn State (6-4): Lost to Michigan, okay. Lost to Iowa, but Sean Clifford got hurt. Lost to Ohio State, understandable. But the Illinois loss is unforgivable. Cost them any and all good feelings about 2021.
20—Kentucky (7-3): Get their “Feel Good” game this week against New Mexico State. Wildcats play like a PAC-12 team.
21—Auburn (6-4): Lost to Mississippi St., 43-34 and lost Bo Nix for the season. But HC Bryan Harsin is just getting started.
22—Washington State (5-5): This is a tough team, resilient. It’s a shame they won’t be viewed as anything more than 7-5 when the season is done.
23—Minnesota (6-4): Give the Gophers credit for hanging around as long as they did.
24—Purdue (6-4): Of course, if you know the Boilermakers, you know they give you just enough life to believe…and then…NAAAAAAAAH!
25—Arizona State (7-3): Needed a 21 point fourth quarter to defeat the Huskies. After a promising freshmen season, QB Jayden Daniels looks lost. Hopefully, he doesn’t declare for the draft but enters the transfer portal instead. He needs a fresh start.
26—North Carolina (5-5): Offensively, they could give the school’s basketball team a run for its money. Defensively? Well, let’s just say they shouldn’t overlook Wofford.
27—UCLA (6-4): Getting ready to play USC, Chip Kelly is asked if he has interest in the Washington job. Bruins have a chance to win eight games this season. Eight! For the first time since 2015.
28—Oregon State (6-4): They can beat Arizona State this week, but then, again, they’ve lost to a lot of teams they should’ve beaten.
29—Florida (5-5): Beat Samford, 70-52. John Reaves wouldn’t even make a difference for this Gator team.
30—LSU (4-6): I wonder how many times in the last month Coach O. has played the, “Win One For The Fat Guy” card?
31—Texas (4-6): Sark, booby, you have to recruit to defensive players too.
32—West Virginia (4-6): If the Longhorns played the Mountaineers—would anyone know?
33—USC (4-5): I’ve been a USC fan since the 55-24 thrashing of Notre Dame. But I think for this program to bounce back it needs to be humiliated—big time. I hope the Bruins drop a 50-burger on them Saturday.
34—Stanford (3-7): They play Cal this week. I give the edge to the team with the best band. Tanner McKee probably needs another year, but he’s an NFL quarterback.
35—Nebraska (3-7): Coming off a bye they could salvage a bit of the season with an upset at Camp Randall.

(Have not seen: BYU, Pittsburgh, Houston)

This Week:
(Winners in Bold)
Prairie View at Texas A&M
Wake Forest at Clemson
Michigan State at Ohio State
Iowa State at Oklahoma
Charleston Southern at Georgia
Illinois at Iowa
Georgia Tech at Notre Dame
Michigan at Maryland
SMU at Cincinnati
Nebraska at Wisconsin
Arkansas at Alabama
Baylor at Kansas State
Vanderbilt at Ole Miss
Oregon at Utah
Oklahoma State at Texas Tech
Rutgers at Penn State
Minnesota at Indiana
Purdue at Northwestern
Texas at West Virginia
Auburn at South Carolina
New Mexico State at Kentucky
Florida at Missouri
LA-Monroe at LSU
Wofford at North Carolina
Cal at Stanford
Arizona at Washington State
Arizona State at Oregon State

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