Fanview: November 15, 2021

By Joe Torosian —

“My tongue will tell the anger of my heart, or else my heart, concealing it, will break.” — William Shakespeare

Kick it!

With casualties starting to mount for NFL teams, doesn’t a 17-game schedule seem even more ridiculous now than when they put it in place?

Everyone loves football, I love football, but I love football because it is unlike any other sport. It’s physical. It’s aggressive. It’s not just about talent but scheme and sacrifice. It compares with no other.

And it shouldn’t be taken lightly. You cannot expand a season just because you want to make more money. By expanding it, the NFL is putting its product at risk. It’s foolish. The NFLPA (the players union) is irresponsible for signing off on a 17th game. And just as guilty as the owners.

I loathe to use this word, but I will. It’s greedy. 

There’s no reason, other than the big mamu, for an additional game. Nor the idiocy of going from 16 to 17 instead of 16 to 18. 

Add all that to the ridiculous—non-reviewable—roughing and taunting calls, and you can see the NFL’s biggest problem is that it has no competition. Stupid stuff like this happens when you own it all, and there’s no threat of someone showing up and doing better.

I love the NFL, but I love football more…and I’d love to see this current NFL die and then come back with more wisdom. And I say wisdom because the product is great. It is. But added games equal injuries and fatigue. Over-regulation puts the attention on those not wearing helmets and pads–and becomes brutal to watch.

We need a new league, but not a developmental one.

The Robert Woods injury is devastating. I’d never move Woods for Odell Beckham Jr. straight up. OBJ can’t carry Woods’ jockstrap, so there’s going to be an adjustment period. 

I have a list of favorite Rams of all time, and it’s not the greatest Rams of all time, but my favorite Rams of all time. It includes Harold Jackson, both Youngbloods, James Harris, Wendell Tyler, Pat Thomas, Larry Brooks, LeRoy Irvin, and—working my way up through the years—Robert Woods.

With all that said, “Let’s go, OBJ!”

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“A man who strays from the path of understanding comes to rest in the company of the dead.” –Proverbs 21:16

It’s over for Baker Mayfield in Cleveland, right? Why would you pay him big dough to play a position Case Keenum can play nearly as well? I wouldn’t.

And if Mayfield doesn’t play in Cleveland, where in the NFL does Mayfield go? With his days as a starter looking like they are over, I wonder if there’ll be an ad with him being evicted from his home.

But if the Browns let Mayfield walk, then where do they go? They’ve got all their picks in the first four rounds, but who would they draft? I like Ole Miss’ Matt Corral—but he’s hardly sure-fire-can’t-miss. And it’s doubtful he’ll be available when their pick comes up.

The rest of this college quarterback class—at least right now—feels like second-round timber. ‘Tis not the season to be searching for a quarterback. Cleveland’s in a tough spot.

Speaking of quarterbacks…

Did you see the Patriots Mac Jones on Sunday? More importantly, did you see the 23yd touchdown pass he threw to Kendrick Bourne in the second quarter? That was not a game manager throw. That was a throw by a dude feeling comfortable and getting better. 

I know people hate New England, but I love how they do things. And the Pats are getting interesting to watch. If they can hold serve the next two weeks (against Atlanta & Tennessee), their Monday Night game in Buffalo will decide the fate of the world—and, of course, the AFC East.

First, though, Mac & The Boys (How Steinbeck sounding) will have to beat the Titans in Foxborough, Mass.

New Orleans needs a quarterback, but their biggest problem is age and money are putting them in need of much more than a signal-caller. 

The Steelers need a quarterback because Mason Rudolph, with his game not so bright, can’t guide the Pittsburgh sleigh—against Detroit! Maybe Charlie Batch has some eligibility left.

I’m hoping Peter Carroll retires. I don’t want to see him get fired, but if it comes down to Pete or Russell Wilson? Then old Pete’s walking the Emerald Mile.

Pete and Vic Fangio (Who Denver has to fire) can apply for the DC job at Texas because Steve Sarkisian needs help. The Longhorns lost, 57-56, to Kansas! And the Jayhawks didn’t even have Danny Manning in the lineup.

The Raiders have been through a lot. I was rooting for them last night because I’m starting to develop feelings…Now let me pause there for a moment. 

In the eighth grade, I liked this girl. I thought she was beautiful, and of course, I built her up in my heart and mind as this perfect princess. But then (As Howard Cosell would say) I saw her ditch a piece of cheese under her table at lunch. She didn’t want to eat it, we had to clear a certain amount of food off our plate to be excused. And I saw her take her cheese and toss it under the table.

That was it–infatuation over. How could I ever be with somebody who does something like that? It’s like people who walk their dog and carry a plastic bag full of poop. I don’t want to be around them–even if I was unmarried and she was a supermodel.

(Is that insane? Maybe, but homey, don’t play that.)

Back to the Raiders, I was starting to get sucked in, I was starting to feel something…and then they rolled over against Kansas City. Las Vegas ditched its cheese under the table. End of romance. 

How could I ever root for a team that does something like that?

Last night was so bad Derek Carr got picked off by F.P. Santangelo—I mean Daniel Sorensen.

I’m going to stay true to the Rams—no false flirtations. I never intended to trade them out for the Raiders. I was just looking for an AFC team to have a dance with. And I’m certainly not going to spend any time with that hound wearing a lightning bolt.

Go Rams!

The Dude abides…
2 Corinthians 10:5

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