The Saxon Top 25: February 22, 2021

Riley Saxon

By Riley Saxon

1. Gonzaga – The only drama is how long teams can keep the deficit within single digits 

2. Baylor – More pauses means greater chance of not running he table 

3. Michigan – They’re so good, some are ready to bump them into Gonzaga/Baylor tier

4. Ohio St. – We’re keeping them top 4 after an electrifying game vs Michigan

5. Illinois – Won at The Barn; starting their peak at the right time

6. Alabama – Another gritty win; can clinch share of SEC title on Wednesday 

7. Villanova – Bounced back with big win over UConn

8. Oklahoma – Dip in schedule continues with game at Kansas St before returning home for rivalry tilt with Oklahoma St

9. West Virginia – What a comeback on Saturday; Will be a tough out for any team in March

10. Creighton – No game in the past week

11. Iowa – The defense has improved, but still a stumbling block

12. Florida St. – Finally getting the respect they deserve in the Saxon Top 25

13. Virginia – Terrible week; need a go-to guy to step up 

14. Texas Tech – Started the season 8-2; 6-5 since 

15. Texas – 2 ranked games to round out February provide a chance to right the ship in a big way 

16. Houston – I once asked if they would go undefeated in conference. Whoops. 

17. Wisconsin – Glass Half full: They’re a veteran team, they’ll figure it out; Glass half empty: they’re a veteran team, shouldn’t they have it figured out?

18. Missouri – Dropped to 6th in the SEC

19. Tennessee – Inconsistency is maddening 

20. Belmont – Not a lot of love because of a weak schedule, but going to make noise in March

21. Loyola Chicago – Snuck by Valpo

22. Kansas – Back in the Top 25 and Eyes on Texas, then Baylor

23. USC – Still have the Pac 12 player of the year; 2 Quad 1 Road games remaining means high seed well within reach

24. Purdue – Won the games they were supposed to this week; opportunity knocks with Wisconsin and Indiana on the docket for March 

25. Oklahoma St – Handled their business against Iowa St

Dropped Out

(22) Virginia Tech – Sucks to drop a team out during a ‘Rona Pause, but other teams just more deserving right now

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