Fanview: January 20, 2021


“Adrian Dantley was the guy I looked at…on how to maneuver my body around.”—Charles Barkley

Kick it!

When I think of Don Sutton, two things come to mind.

On July 19th, 1999, I was in the press box of the (then) SkyDome in Toronto. It was cavernous, and there were only five writers in the whole place. Being from California, everyone wanted to talk to me until the game went into extra innings.

The Atlanta Braves were in town. After watching batting practice from the field, I went back upstairs, grabbed something to eat, and went to the bathroom before the first pitch.

I’m standing at the urinal when this white guy with a gray afro stands next to me. Thanks to my excellent peripheral vision, I realize I’m urinating next to Don Sutton—Hall of Famer!

Sutton was part of the Braves broadcast team.

(A few years later, I’d have a similar encounter with Vin Scully, but that’s another story.)

“Dude, did you talk to Sutton?” A friend asked.

I didn’t. Call me crazy, but standing at the urinal didn’t seem like the place to strike up a conversation or ask what I wanted to ask.

Never my favorite Dodger, I always saw Sutton’s career as a bunch of near misses. 

The Dodgers won the World Series in 1965, and Sutton arrived in 1966. That season they lost to the Baltimore Orioles in the World Series. 

Sutton was a key member of the Dodger teams that lost the 1974, 1977, and 1978 World Series. In 1980, his final appearance before leaving via free agency was as a reliever against the Houston Astros. The Dodgers won and forced a one-game playoff with the Astros. (They lost.)

A few weeks later, Sutton signed with Houston. And the Dodgers won the World Series in 1981—beating the Astros in the playoffs.

In 1982 he was with the Milwaukee Brewers when they lost the World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals. In 1986 he was with the California Angels–on the brink of going to the World Series–when Dave Henderson took Donnie Moore deep.

Two years later, he came back to the Dodgers. On August 9th, Sutton went seven innings against the Cincinnati Reds, gave up six runs, and got released the next day. 

In October, the Dodgers beat the Oakland A’s to win the World Series.

I was always curious to know Sutton’s thoughts about all that…I just didn’t want to ask him as we shared a bathroom in Toronto.



Other folks will congratulate Philip Rivers on a great career…But I’d like to thank him for retiring. He was solid in 2020 but was one hit away from being the lead story on “60 Minutes.” 

“Is Pro Football Too Violent?”

I never liked Rivers throwing motion, but I always liked him. Rivers is why I’m all in on Deshaun Watson wanting out of Houston and why I’m concerned for Justin Herbert.

Some franchises want to win and just can’t get over the hump. But many franchises don’t seem to care as long as fans fill the seats and TV revenue comes in.

The moment the Houston organization signed off on the DeAndre Hopkins trade to Arizona, Jordan Peele had his inspiration for the sequel to “Get Out.”—starring Deshaun Watson. 

Herbert needs to give Brandon Staley a chance, but he should be considering an “Escape From LA…” John Carpenter script. 


NFL Playoffs As of Right Now:
(Subject to change)
Tampa Bay at Green Bay—Buccaneers 24, Packers 21
Tampa Bay is healthier than the Rams. Green Bay will not be able to run the ball like they did a week ago. Meaning Aaron Rodgers will be pressured.

Tom Brady didn’t get hit at all by New Orleans. The Saints had one of the league’s best defenses, but it didn’t work against the Bucs. 

Green Bay fans are talking a lot of trash, and it’s working against them. 

Buffalo at Kansas City—Bills 27, Chiefs 17
I’m thinking Patrick Mahomes plays. So the Chiefs get an extra touchdown.

But I’m not giving them the win.

KC safety Tyrann Mathieu can change everything, but the safety that will make the big play in this game plays for the Bills.

Micah Hyde, 5th round pick of Green Bay in 2013, undervalued by the Packers, has been terrific since coming to Buffalo. He’ll make the play that changes this game.

And until Josh Allen reverts to Wyoming Josh, I’m not picking against Buffalo.  


Note to Loyal Fanview Reader Brent Wylie: A glitch kept the game from recording Warriors-Lakers. Sorry, I know you were eagerly anticipating my review.

Note to Loyal Fanview Readers: Brent Wylie is one of the four Santa Maria Wylie Brothers. Among whom, you will never find a more wretched hive of thrown elbows and villainy in the course of a pickup basketball game.


New Orleans at Utah: Jazz win—118-102

The Jazz (10-4) couldn’t miss (44.7% on 3s) and won their sixth in a row. Donovan Mitchell scored 28, Rudy Gobert grabbed 18 boards, Mike Conley dished 10 assists, and Joe Ingles made five of six from downtown.

The Pelicans (5-8) didn’t play defense and only Zion Williamson with 32-points represented for the visitors. Brandon Ingram added a less than inspiring 17. No one else was in double figures. 

(January 18th)
Milwaukee at Brooklyn: Nets win—125-123
Giannis registered 34/12/7.

I’ve seen 36 games this season, I’ve seen the Bucks (9-5) six times, and I get the feeling that Giannis is just a little bit overrated.

“I can’t say how many times we’ve seen Giannis make threes in the first quarter and then shoot airballs in the third and fourth.”—Chris Weber

The best thing for the Bucks? Fine Giannis every time he shoots beyond the arc.

The Nets (9-6) looked good, but the question goes to Kyrie Irving. If Kyrie wants to be part of the team, they’re going to great. If Kyrie decides he is the team, it’ll be a disaster.

NBA Games Seen: 37
Trail Blazers:2 

The Dude abides…
1 Corinthians 2:11

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