Fanview: January 21, 2021


“They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you practice makes perfect. I wish they’d make up their minds.” – Wilt Chamberlain  

Kick it!

Dumbest Question Asked on Social Media: 

“Would you trade Jared Goff straight up for Deshaun Watson?”

Considering Jared Goff’s contract and the $34-million owed him next season, I expected to hear the following line from Ricardo Montalban.–“I am Mr. Roarke, your host, and welcome to Fantasy Island!” 

Ridiculous, yes, but it makes me ask this. How much more at quarterback do the Rams need?

This team has a winning record the last two years and has won a playoff game with a less than stable quarterback. Sean McVay’s offensive, solid O-line, excellent receivers, and committee of running backs (Cam Akers, Darrell Henderson Jr., Malcolm Brown) only require a quarterback to be efficient–not spectacular.

Now you may want something more, but Goff’s contract makes it problematic. He’s not Carson Wentz, who had a bad year after a terrific one (check the record). Goff has hit his ceiling, has serious flaws, and his contract is like a form of leprosy.

I can hear NFL teams shouting, “Unclean! Unclean!”

To me, a less damaging trade long term would be for a veteran like Derek Carr. I’m not predicting that’s the deal, but going after Deshaun Watson would be like shopping for a Corvette Stingray with a Prius budget.

John Wolford has gained the confidence of McVay enough to start a playoff game. Give him a real shot heading into next season, see what’s available around the league, and look to the draft.

Anyone slightly mobile, who can take care of the ball, is an improvement on Goff. And right now, that’s Wolford.

The Rams don’t pick until the 2nd. Round (57th overall)…Names to consider: Ian Book, Notre Dame…Sam Ehlinger, Texas…Kellen Mond, Texas A&M. All three have flaws, but all three would be better than what McVay’s currently getting out of Goff.

If Goff remains unmoveable, a less than spectacular stop-gap buys some time until Goff is reasonably releasable.


Sports Media Watch listed the Top 50 rated sports broadcasts for 2020. The NFL took 48 of them. The other two? LSU-Clemson title game (14th overall), Oregon-Wisconsin Rose Bowl (49th overall) with 16.30 -million viewers.

The Super Bowl was number one with 100.45-million viewers.
Outside the Top 50:
Rays-Dodgers Game Six—12.70-million.
Kentucky Derby—9.26-million.
Game Five NBA Finals—8.96-million.
Game Six NBA Finals—8.37-million.


Loyal Fanview Reader Steven Urena Tweeted: “8-for-10 in the playoffs (great batting average). Even though my gut is saying no, I have to go with my original prediction. Packers vs. Chiefs in SBLV!”

That’s nice, Mr. Urena, but I’m 9-of-10…and I go out on the limb and give a final score. Give me final scores, and I’ll nominate you for induction into the soon-to-be “Fanview Hall of Fame.”

NFL Playoffs As of Right Now:
(Subject to change)
Tampa Bay at Green Bay—Buccaneers 24, Packers 21
I’m not budging on this pick—yet. When I look at this, I think this could—only could—go down as one of the greatest games in NFL playoff history.

Buffalo at Kansas City—Bills 27, Chiefs 20
Not budging…but with Patrick Mahomes looking more and more likely to play… I’m giving KC an extra-field goal…Which is a risk considering Harrison Butker’s recent performances.

And I do wonder what Tommy Lasorda’s opinion would be of Butker’s recent performances.


There’s so much whining in the league about there not being an extended training camp or pre-season. The NBA’s regular season is the NBA’s pre-season.

It’s obvious 

Routinely, it’s best players sit, take a night off, or even dress out.

It looks a lot like pre-season.

And it reflects in the ratings and analytics.


Boston at Philadelphia: 76ers win—117-109
Joel Embid scores 42 points, Tobias Harris 22, and the very interesting Shake Milton scored 16, but Ben Simmons is the one that’s got to figure it out.

I’ve seen Philly (10-5) three times this season, it’s obvious that Simmons is a unique talent. A 6-11 point guard, Simmons went for 11/8/8 (pts/rebs/asst.) last night. On the season, he’s averaging 12/9/8 and 16-points for his career. He does play defense.

None of that’s bad, except when you see his salary for the next five-years: $29-million this year, then $31, 33, 36, and 38-million. 

At that kind of price, you need a transcendent scorer, not a glorified role player.

The Celtics (8-5) played without Jayson Tatum, he’s expected back. Kemba Walker is back, and Jaylen Brown is prolific. This team should be better.  

Phoenix at Houston: Suns win–109-103
I don’t know what Victor Oladipo is thinking long-term when it comes to the Rockets. I don’t don’t know what the Rockets are thinking long-term when it comes to John Wall…But then again, it doesn’t matter what the club is thinking, but what the star player is thinking.

The Rockets are intriguing, but because the NBA is so star-driven, we’ll never know if a team can be great because players change out like we change channels with a remote. 

Once in a while, I like to see what’s on or what I’ve stumbled into.

If the Suns could find a way to be consistent, they’d be awesome. But there’s a lot of youth on that team. If given a chance to grow together, something could happen in Phoenix,…but this is the NBA, and the players control the remote.

NBA Games Seen: 39
Trail Blazers:2 

The Dude abides…
1 Corinthians 3:3

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