Fanview: January 19, 2021


“Red always instructed us to hit the open man. That night I was the open man.”—Walt Frazier

Kick it!

We’ve all pondered, “If I could only put the brain I have now in the body I had 30 years ago…Oh, man…”

Tom Brady is the reality of that fantasy. Mature brain, in a body that still functions.

I’m 36-years to the day removed from torn ligaments in my left knee, and I so wish I could go out and play ball for three hours–and play it with what I know now.

I’d sure appreciate it a whole lot more.


It’s still unclear if the Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes will play this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

And the question on why the option play was called—sidelining Mahomes—has yet to be asked.

Everyone has confirmed that Chiefs HC Andy Reid is a genius and courageous for going for it on fourth and inches late in the game against Cleveland.

I know 21st. Century sports guidelines require all thoughts and actions to conform. To not conform can land you anywhere on the scale from mere idiot to sexist, racist, or homophobic.

But I don’t think Reid was courageous to go for it on fourth down with Chad Henne at quarterback.

If he gives the ball back and the Browns score a touchdown, he (Reid) has to depend on Henne to drive his team the length of the field to win the game.

So what’s more courageous? Trust Henne to drive 70-yards, or ask Henne to pick up a few inches and win the game?

There’ve been times I’ve been complimented for having the courage to walk into a particular room or face a specific crisis. I can say this with first-hand knowledge; it’s not courage when you have no other choice.

Reid had no other choice, so he went for it on fourth down.


Three Things on The Rams:
1.) Playing with an injured Aaron Donald, a limited Jared Goff, and without Cooper Kupp, Sean McVay’s team—until there was 6:52 left in the fourth quarter—trailed by only a touchdown. 

2.) These are the Rams’ key free agents: John Johnson III, Troy Hill, Leonard Floyd, Austin Blythe, Morgan Fox, Gerald Everett, Josh Reynolds.

Other teams are going to come after Johnson, but it’s imperative the Rams keep him. 

Troy Hill, Gerald Everett, and Josh Reynolds have topped out. I’m not against them staying, but I’m against giving them any significant money.

Morgan Fox has been a soldier, and it’s time he moves into the millionaire bracket. I’d like to keep him, but he’s a rotation DT and should get paid as such.

I’m always about the offensive line, so my first instinct is to sign Austin Blythe. The Rams played it cheap upfront after the Super Bowl when they parted with Rodger Saffold and John Sullivan. I’m fine if they want to make a push for Atlanta’s Alex Mack. All I want them to do is spend the money and not let a serviceable o-line regress.

Leonard Floyd was so much better than Dante Fowler—but I’m hesitant, for no good reason, to give him salary cap crushing dough.

3.) If Aaron Donald wants to hold out and re-negotiate his contract, his leverage will never be better. He is the straw that stirs the drink in Ramland. 


NFL Playoffs As of Right Now:
(Subject to change)
Tampa Bay at Green Bay—Packers 24, Buccaneers 16
With any offense and an extra stop or two on defense, the Rams could have won in Green Bay. 

The Packers are vulnerable, and Tampa is hot.

Leaning Packers today. 

Buffalo at Kansas City—Bills 27, Chiefs 10
This is simple. Until Mahomes is cleared to play, there’s no reason to pick against Buffalo. 

The Bills don’t run the ball particularly well, but Kansas City doesn’t exactly conjure memories of the Steel Curtain against it. They could use a Curly Culp on the d-line.

Buffalo and Josh Allen are resilient. I don’t expect them to be rattled by Arrowhead, and I don’t expect a Willis Reed-like appearance of Mahomes to put them in a panic.


Orlando at New York: Knicks win—91-84.
The Magic wore gold trim…Okay. The Knicks are not great, but this time I saw them play hard. I give them credit for winning a contest that was a visual nightmare.

Question Lakers fans: What was the expectation of Julius Randle when drafted seventh overall? Were you upset when you lost him? Or was it, “Thank you, thank you very much. Buh-bye!” 


NBA Games Seen: 35
Trail Blazers:2 

The Dude abides…
1 Corinthians 2:8

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