Fanview: January 6, 2021


“One of my other nicknames was Thomas Edison, because I invented so many moves.”—Earl Monroe

Kick it!

I remember the many years I’d come home from church and checkout my DVR’d Rams game from St. Louis and hope against hope for a win. And then attempt to make the small deal on the side with God to let them, at least, make the playoffs. Not win, just make.

Yes, I’m thrilled they’re in the playoffs, but I’m not satisfied. Not anymore. I need a win. This defense is too good to have its season end this Saturday. Why the urgency?

Aaron Donald turns 30 in May.

I’m going to go out on a limb here. I have no inside scoop, no connections, nor a mystical vision. But I got this feeling Matt Stafford is going to be the San Francisco 49ers quarterback in 2021.

All of you better hope this doesn’t happen. Because, if it does, I will be impossible to be around. Sort of like I was last year when I called the final score of the Super Bowl.

As Of Right Now (& Subject to Change):
New Orleans over Chicago—What if the Bears Khalil Mack slips through the line of scrimmage and hammers Drew Brees into retirement? Of course, we know, he’ll be flagged even if he hits him square in the abdomen. But is Taysom Hill enough to advance the Saints in a playoff game?

Seattle over the Rams—Still leaning Seahawks over Rams—17-13—of course, it is costing me

“Lost me at Seattle over Rams….unfollow.”—Nick Karavedas.

Tampa Bay over Washington—I like the Buccaneers, but I can’t finger the kind of win it’s going to be. I see a blowout, but I also see the Washington defense getting in Tom Brady’s grill. No final score call, yet.

Buffalo over Indianapolis—The Bills take this, 49-21. And by the fourth quarter, everyone on Twitter will be declaring their undying and eternal love for Josh Allen.

Colts fan, Mid-Valley & EMHS compadre, Rich Whittington left me a voicemail: “When Indy wins this, I want you to post: ‘Oh, I have always been a Colts fan!’”Note back to Rich; I can’t believe you have to ask. IF Indy wins, you know I’ve always been a Colts fan…I patterned my flag-football career after the legendary Marty Domres.

Baltimore at Tennessee—Any rational perception of football tells you Derek Henry, is King now, but he’ll never be any better. It is likely his decline will begin in 2021. My advice today to Titans HC Mike Vrabel? Run Henry when you see the sun arising. Run Henry into the evening cuz he’ll make big play after big play. And in the in-between time when you feel the Ravens coming, run Henry, and I promise he’ll get you this game.

Cleveland over Pittsburgh—Even with the Browns COVID issues, as of now, I still like them over the Steelers on Saturday….John “Blue State” Scanlan gave his opinion on my question from yesterday about Baker Mayfield’s contract situation.

“Mayfield isn’t going anywhere. He has very quietly had a great year. If they needed him to throw more, he could. He was the most efficient downfield passer this season. Double-digit games w/o OBJ and a game where he was throwing to the practice squad.”—Scanlan

Chicago at Portland: Bulls win—111-108
Carmelo Anthony seems to have new life in Portland (3-4). Maybe it’s his second, third, or fourth new life–I don’t know. But he seems to have accepted his role and fits in well with the Trail Blazers.

The problem with the Trail Blazers is they shot themselves out of last night’s contest. Talent is one thing, a big thing, but if it’s not employed with wisdom, your team will fail. Portland failed.

Chicago (4-4) is not a great team–they took bad shots too–but they are well-coached. Billy Donovan has them moving and playing without the basketball. It was far from a pleasure to watch, but much of it was refreshing.

NBA Games Seen: 21
Trail Blazers:2 

The Dude abides…
Romans 15:13

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