Fanview: January 5, 2021


“They have so fundamentally flawed techniques it’s ridiculous. They shoot the ball flat. They all stand upright, there’s just so many things they do incorrectly.”—Rick Barry

Kick it!

In 2019 this quarterback completed 63.9% of his passes, threw for 4,039 yards, 27 touchdowns, and only 7-picks…And took his team to the playoffs with little to zero talent around him…Answer below.

As Of Right Now (& Subject to Change):
New Orleans over Chicago—Clearly, positively, bet the family farm, the Bears have no chance. Besides, since it’s so soon since Katrina, and the city

Seattle over the Rams—If it’s wet, if it’s cold, I hope the Rams start John Wolford. Overs/Unders? I’m not a betting man (I don’t know how), but I’d take less than 28.

Tampa Bay over Washington—It’s been a wholly unexpected run for Washington (the team formerly known as the Redskins), but it ends against Brady and the Bucs.

Buffalo over Indianapolis—The Bills came to play against Miami and are the hottest team going to the playoffs. Colts get blasted.

Baltimore over Tennessee—The Ravens lost to the Titans last year. This game is a marker for the team and Lamar Jackson. They’re getting a second crack in the post-season against a Titans team that is lousy defensively. They have to win this one, or it’s going to be a lou

Cleveland over Pittsburgh—A lot of people like the Steelers, but I see them as a champ with shaky knees. Question, if the Browns get racked, and Baker Mayfield struggles… He’s only got one more year on his rookie contract…Does Cleveland make him a lame duck in 2021 (ala Mitchell Trubisky this year), or do they extend him?

***The buzz around social media yesterday implied NFL insider (source guy, everything is a source with him) Adam Schefter made racial micro-aggression in his reporting. Schefter reported Adam Gase and Doug Marrone as “parting ways” with their teams and the Chargers Anthony Lynn as being “fired.”

First, if suspected of racial bias, Schefter would get canceled by ESPN faster than you can say, JK Rowling. If only an unthinking mistake in a search for an alternative word/phrase selection, …Because he works for ESPN, Schefter will bend the knee and apologize with added expressions about his sorrow for having privilege and that he fully embraces his white-guilt. Perhaps even offer a future grandchild to the fires of Molech to pay penance. 

…And the world will move on.

***Why didn’t the Denver Broncos mutually agree to part ways with Vic Fangio?

***If I needed a quarterback for a couple of seasons? I’d make a move for Matt Stafford.

***I like Trevor Bauer. I hope the New York Mets sign Trevor Bauer (it’s not my money), but Trevor Bauer—so far—has been good, seldom great, and I wouldn’t pin my hopes on him. I certainly wouldn’t pay him more than Jacob de Grom. 

***Answer: Carson Wentz.

Dallas at Houston: Mavericks—win.
The Mavs went into Houston and came away with a 113-100 victory. It boiled down to Luka Dončić registering a triple-double (38/16/11) and the Rockets shooting 11-of-40 from beyond the arc.

Dončić is an interesting player. He looks slower than molasses, but you look at the stat sheet after the game, and he’s always on the brink of a triple-double. Dallas needs to get him a consistent number two.

Can John Wall and James Harden play together? If they can—along with Christian Wood—Houston can make noise. But these are enormous egos, with excessive french pastry to their game, it’s tough to see happening.

Wall does offer a more consistent—lethal—scoring option than Russell Westbrook did a year ago.

Keep an eye on the Rockets Christian Wood. They got him and a number one pick in a November trade with Detroit. What went back to the Motor City? Primarily Trevor Ariza and Isaiah Stewart (center), who is 19 and already with his third organization.

NBA Games Seen: 20
Trail Blazers:1

The Dude abides…
Romans 15:7

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