Fanview: December 30, 2020


“I don’t discuss basketball. I dictate basketball. I’m not interested in philosophy classes.”—Al McGuire

Kick it!

Sensing he’s soon to be canceled by ESPN/Twitter/Mob, I started following Booger McFarland on Twitter last night.

Sort of sick of seeing, reading, hearing sports media say they don’t have a problem with Dwayne Haskins partying and going to a strip club after losing to Seattle…They’re saying he needed to be released because he violated Covid restrictions.

I don’t know about you…but when a player (Haskins) is making $3.6-million this season and has a $14-million guaranteed contract…I want him ticked off after a game, I don’t want him partying, and I don’t want him taking selfies…I’m gonna put his butt in the street regardless of Covid.

Don’t think I’m alone in this thought because as of this morning, he cleared waivers—meaning not one NFL team put a bid in on him. If Haskins had shown any professional inclinations, he’d have been picked up given his physical abilities.

Most important person in the NBA right now? I asked this on Twitter and Facebook last night. Answers: LeBron James, Steph Curry, NBA Commissioner, Andy Silver…Got a Paul George, a Zion Williamson, and the Fans.

As I sat through two terrible blowouts last night and watched TNT search in vain for something interesting around the league—even a video of Steph Curry shooting the ball in practice—the only thing that kept me engaged was Charles Barkley.

So, I think Charles Barkley is the most important person in the NBA right now…Everything else, everyone else, is a yawning festival.

Regarding free-throws…No slap after a missed free-throw. I’ve despised this for years. A player misses a free-throw, and all of his teammates come and give him a hand-slap for support.

No! Why should he get encouragement to suck? The average NBA salary is $7.7-million…There should be no expectation of support if you miss a free-throw with zero pressure, zero defenders, and zero fans? 

No slap!

Note to networks covering the NBA: With no fans in the stands…you need to turn down the microphones near the baskets…The sound of missed shots clanking off the rims is worse than anything you’d experience in church league basketball.

(Believe me, I know about church league basketball… I’ve got a Ph.D. in that field–probably a book’s worth.)

Is there anything more oxymoronic to a 20th Century basketball fan than a “Defensive Three-Second” call?

Clippers: With no Kawhi Leonard, they took care of business in their scrimmage with Minnesota. I like this team, and the player that really interests me is Reggie Jackson. So far, I don’t think he’s done what they expected to do when they acquired him, but if he can find his place between Lou Williams, Luke Kennard, and Patrick Beverly, Clip fans—whoever they may be—can have reason to hope.

Milwaukee at Miami: Bucks—win.
No Jimmy Butler, no defense, and I have no clue what happened to the much vaunted “Heat Way.”…Bucks blow out to 27-8 lead, and by the third quarter, TNT was looking for other options—like a Steph Curry workout video.

New Orleans at Phoenix: Suns—win.
Yeah, black is a traditional Phoenix Suns color.
With that said, the Suns have got something going. Can’t wait to see them play the Lakers and Clippers. 

While the biggest question for the Pelicans is figuring out what to do with Zion Williamson and what they have in Brandon Ingram…the Suns’ biggest question is how to keep Chris Paul healthy.

NBA Games Seen: 11

The Dude abides…
Romans 14:19

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