Fanview: December 29, 2020


“Timeout! Los Angeles! And they’re dancing in the streets of Seattle!”—Chick Hearn

Kick it!

I hope Cam Newton has somebody in his life to tell him it’s time to move into the world of fashion and cigars full time.

Never been a big Newton fan, but his ending was too easy to call. Fantastic talent, horrible fundamentals…and voila! The body goes, and his game is done. 

I wrote about this when I was at Mid Valley Sports, and I brought it up on the

Instead, they foolishly ran him all season…126 times, to be exact, and he’s been sacked 28 times…and now he’s completely toast. I hate to speak evil of anyone outside of Georgia Frontiere, but I believe the Patriots abused Newton by thinking he could rush them/will them into the playoffs one more time. Thus validating the franchise’s ongoing greatness without Tom Brady.

If we’re seeing this in games, they have to be seeing this in practice. Goodness gracious, the Rams just re-signed Blake Bortles. The Patriots should have signed Bortles two months ago.

Up to this season, I was never a Newton fan, but I am now. Cam went out there all season, knowing he was going to take

With that said…Cam, pretty please, with sugar on it, blanking retire!

On the other hand, Buffalo’s Josh Allen feels like he’s about to be coronated as one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks. He looks like a bigger, stronger, much more polished version of John Elway in his third year.

Elway in 1985—his third season—led Denver to an 11-5 record completing 54% of his passes, 22 of them for touchdowns while throwing 23 interceptions. Allen this year is completing 69% of his passes for 34 touchdowns and only 9 interceptions. 

(For the record: Completion percentage is largely a joke. What counts is

Different league, different time, but Allen is making us believe he’s going to be an all-time great.

I said it yesterday, and I’ll repeat it…Buffalo will be AFC champs.

Memphis at Brooklyn: Grizzlies—win.
Game four of the season and the Nets Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant—neither played in The Bubble—sit out? 

Add this to the list of “What’s wrong with the NBA.” 

They played 37 minutes the previous night in a loss to Charlotte. Did they need to play 37 minutes again against Memphis? No, but they needed to play.

The pandering press kept sharing they have to go slow. It’s a long season. There’s no rush. There was no pre-season…yada, yada, yada. 

But if there was no pre-season and both players had all summer to get in shape, then the only way to get better, to get your timing, to get your legs is to…Oh, I don’t know…play!

Saw cuts to the basket by Kyle Anderson, Dillon Brooks, and Joe Harris. Hallelujah!

Lakers: Portland came to town and won, 115-107. It’s still early. Don’t panic because of a 2-2 record, but…Montrezl Harrell and Marc Gasol cannot protect the hoop the way former Lakers Javale McGee and Dwight Howard did. 

NBA Games Seen: 9

The Dude abides…
Romans 14:17

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