Fanview: December 28, 2020


“I don’t complain about playing time. My job is to play so well the coach can’t sit me.”—Shane Battier

Kick it!

What more can a Rams fan ask of his defense? 

Losing to the Seahawks in Seattle doesn’t devastate me. Losing to the 49ers and Jets at home does.

Those losses can’t be digested. And the biggest reason for those losses is Jared Goff’s play and Sean McVay’s playcalling. I like McVay, but his playcalling seems to be motivated to prove he’s the smartest guy in the room. (We know he’s not the tallest–cheap shot, but I’m bitter.)

In regards to Goff, like every other quarterback in the league, there’s a book on him. Defenses know what rattles him, so Goff’s responsibility is to force them to rewrite the book…And it wouldn’t hurt him to thicken a little bit either.

Just a reminder, Goff threw that second-quarter pick before injuring his thumb.  

The Kansas City Chiefs are cruisin for a brusin. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Buffalo come out of the AFC…and neither should you. I’d give consideration to the Baltimore Ravens, but Lamar Jackson needs a playoff win first.

There have been 54 Super Bowl Champions—there have been 108 appearances by teams. So without counting Washington, San Francisco, Oakland, and teams playing in a dome, 63 of those appearances have been by teams that play in cold to severe weather climates. Only 20 appearances have been made by non-dome, warm-weather teams.

Even without fans, Green Bay and Buffalo have a serious advantage because of the weather they play in. As well as Chicago when they’re good.

So the question is, would you rather host a Super Bowl—Detroit and Minnesota—or would you rather play in the Super Bowl like the Packers and Bills?

I like Green Bay in the NFC.

Because I have YouTube TV and refuse to pay for the League Pass…I didn’t watch any basketball yesterday…Plus, the NFL was on, so…you know…

Lakers: Anthony Davis, calf-contusion, did not play against the Minnesota Timberwolves. He might not have gone down with a leg injury on Friday, but he did go down…So I was right saying he would go down…And I’m sure he’ll be back to work very soon…And on the hardwood, in utter agony, grabbing a lower-extremity.

Marc Gasol exploded…against the Timberwolves…12-points, 7-rebounds, 8-assists…against the Timberwolves. Of course, the tallest player on the Minnesota line-up was 6-9…but good for Gasol.

Clippers: Kawhi Leonard did not play against the Dallas Mavericks after getting smacked with an elbow on Friday night in Denver.

The Mavs 124-73 victory over the Clips is the worst loss in history. Which I find

NFL Part 2:
***Trevor Lawrence has to be thrilled he won’t be playing for the Jets next year. I don’t know how much better Jacksonville is, but it is better (better taxes, at least). Don’t be fooled, the Jets current two-game winning streak is the definition of fool’s gold…. “It’s a curse to be a Jet, a curse!”
***Dallas is still alive…The Cowboys are like Jason from Friday the 13th. They won’t go away and the sequels and seasons produced by Jerry Jones get progressively worse.
*** What’s more discussion worthy; the Miami Dolphins miracle or the Las Vegas Raiders collapse?
***This note was found in Denver receiver Jerry Jeudy’s locker on Monday morning: “The ball is your friend.”

NBA Part 2:
***I guess the Brooklyn Nets won’t go undefeated.
***NBA Christmas ratings? Not too good, chief…

***The San Diego Padres traded for Tampa Bay’s Blake Snell. Are Dodgers fans seeing Slam Diego as a legitimate threat in 2021 or still a paper tiger?

I think it was a great deal for the Padres, and I understand why the Rays made the deal, and it was a good deal for them…But could they have picked up more in return if they saved him for the trading deadline?

Snell’s contract for the next three years pays him: 11, 13, and $16-million. A fantastic bargain, but it makes me ask why the rush to get him out of town?

NBA Games Seen: 8

The Dude abides…
Romans 14:16
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