Fanview: December 31, 2020


“See, once you learn to play in the schoolyard, you can almost adapt your game to anything.”—Connie Hawkins

Kick it!

These first lines are not a debate about content but talent. So don’t go 2020 on me without reading the entire opening.

Rush Limbaugh is the most talented person in the history of radio. No one has accomplished what he has accomplished. Ignore the content, listen to his style, delivery, and take note of his success.

Colin Cowherd is the most talented person on sports radio. I don’t always like his content, but he’s gifted far above anyone else. I probably lean more Clay Travis in content, but Travis has nowhere near Cowherd’s talent.

With that said, and acknowledging the talent, my beef with Cowherd is that he practices sports-talk like a politician. During this NFL season, I’ve heard him go from pro Lamar Jackson, to down on Lamar Jackson, to being very pro Lamar Jackson.

In 2011, he criticized Tim Tebow for the same things he praises Jackson for 2020. He defends Jared Goff by saying, “He wins.” But just winning isn’t enough for other quarterbacks—including Tebow or Aaron Rodgers.

As a fanboy, a front runner, nobody does it better than Cowherd.

He keeps rah-rah-ing LeBron James and his longevity and level of play…While completely ignoring that during James’ 17-seasons, he’s never had a hand put on him.

Cowherd will argue that Michael Jordan is beloved, but no such affection is given to LeBron. He fails to understand or acknowledge some sports fans don’t need the latest shoe or fashionable jersey. They don’t live on Twitter nor surrender independent thought or opinion to conform to the newest norms.

And that’s fine, except when they are labeled as ignorant, foolish, or ill-informed.

These sports fans despise athletes being anointed as GOATs before they ever win anything. James was anointed years before his first title…And to get those titles in Miami, he needed Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

I will not deny that LeBron James–right now–is the best basketball player on the planet. But the NBA has been in significant decline since the end of the 1980s. That was the period when they went full tilt from substance to flash. The ESPN-effect (nothing but highlights of dunks, blocks, and treys) was in full swing.

Still, this is about Cowherd (uber-talented) and the rest of sports media that attempts to drive a particular narrative as fact when those of us—who don’t live and die with their views or social media—have a different opinion.

This ties in with Becky Hammon coaching the San Antonio Spurs after Greg Popovich was tossed against the Lakers last night.

Good for her. She played the game, coached the game, and has been an assistant for seven years (?). I don’t care that she’s a woman. The men coaching and teaching in the NBA for the last 30-years have done a terrible job. So give her a shot.

But if I’m an owner (They don’t have owners in the NBA anymore, do they?) I want to know if she’s about the Cause or the Coaching? Because there is a difference.

The world has changed. There’s no Branch Rickey courage required to give her a coaching job in the league. Everybody will praise the team, the owner, the league…And the gutless (Keeping it real!) media will congratulate itself.

And they (the media) to keep driving their narrative, will crucify anyone who might say she’s a terrible coach. Who might say the next woman hired to lead a franchise is a terrible coach–and declare themselves courageous while doing so.

Very little courage is required in any of this.

But courage will be required to ask the question: “Are you more about the women’s movement, or are you more about coaching my team to a championship?”

If you don’t believe those things (Cause versus Coaching) are mutually exclusive, you’re not viewing/assessing with honest eyes. 

The bottom line is…I don’t like being told what to think or being declared immoral if I don’t agree with the narrative.

I have a feeling there will be a follow up on this…

If the New England Patriots want to run this year’s offense next year…they should sign Mitchell Trubisky. No matter what happens, I can’t see the Bears re-signing him…Nor the Patriots making a big-time move.

College Football:
The playoffs start tomorrow…and I just don’t care. College football just bored me this year. I’ll watch the games, and in a week or so, I’ll root for Clemson to beat Alabama…but…yawn.

If there was ever a season for D-1 college football to go to a playoff format, this was it. And, yeah, we’d probably still have Clemson playing Alabama, but the journey would have at least been interesting.

Milwaukee at Miami: Heat—wins.
During the middle of the third quarter, after building a 14-point lead, the Bucks went into hibernation.

This is the fourth time I’ve seen the Bucks, and the best player on this team is Khris Middleton. The most talented is Giannis (his last name is too long to spell), but someone needs to remind him to relax. Nothing short of a Soviet invasion will take away his $42-millon a year salary. I know he’s better than he’s shown. I just want to know when I’m going to start seeing the better.

Regarding the Heat? I could watch Bam Adebayo all night—really like his game.

NBA Games Seen: 12

The Dude abides…
Romans 15:1

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