From The RamCave: 8/16/22

Jamal Pettigrew…we hardly knew you.
(Photo by Duane Barker,

By Joe Torosian

Just Thinking Out Loud:
Cam Akers and Darrell Henderson are dealing with soft tissue injuries. Kyren Williams busts a foot in OTAs, and the reason starters and rotational players sit out the preseason is, so they don’t get hurt.

Maybe these guys should play in the preseason, you know, so they don’t get hurt.

Jacob Harris is back in action today. I wonder if he had any extra motivation over the weekend.

Rams Make Five Cuts:
Luis Perez (Texas A&M), Cameron Dicker (Texas), Adrian Ealy (Oklahoma), Jamal Pettigrew (McNeese State), and Caesar Dancy-Williams (Wisconsin).

Williams, we pegged, knew it was going to happen. 

Perez, I thought they’d keep around for another week because they were sitting John Wolford. But, maybe, perhaps, Wolford is going to take some snaps the next two weeks. Maybe he needs to?

Pettigrew and Ealy? No surprise. 

And not surprised Dicker got cut–just thought it would be at the end of August.  


Harold Jackson
(Photo by Henry Yep)

Dates Are Funny Things:
On June 8, 1973, the Rams traded Roman Gabriel to the Philadelphia Eagles for Tony Baker, two first-round picks (1/11/74—Cappelletti, 1/11/75—Harrah), plus a third-round pick…and Harold Jackson.

On June 8, 1987, the Rams traded Barry Redden (Drafted 1st/14-overall/1982) to the San Diego Chargers for Buford McGee and a second-round pick (2/46/1988—Flipper Anderson).

On August 16, 1978, the Rams traded Jackson to the New England Patriots for a third and fourth-round pick (both become inconsequential).

And today, August 16, 2022, is Buford McGee’s 62nd birthday.

McGee was drafted 11/286/1984 by the Chargers out of Ole Miss. After three seasons in San Diego, he was traded to the Rams and played in Anaheim from 1987-thru-1991. He served three years as a starter at fullback/H-Back (taking Mike Guman’s role) and caught 127 passes, including a career-high 47, in 1990.


Buford McGee
(Photo by Henry Yep)

Jackson was initially drafted by the Rams (12/323/1968 out of Jackson St.) and traded in 1969 with John Zook to the Philadelphia Eagles for Izzy Lang.

Returning to the Rams in 1973, Jackson became an amazing home run complement to the Rams running game under Chuck Knox.

After several good seasons in New England, Jackson made a brief stop in Minnesota in 1982 before finishing up with Knox in Seattle in 1983 and closing his career in an AFC title loss to the Los Angeles Raiders.

Maybe Jackson should be getting some Hall of Fame consideration with 579 career receptions, 200 with the Rams, 76 touchdowns, and 36 with the Rams?

And maybe if he didn’t lose in conference finals games in 1974, 1975, 1976, and 1983, he’d already be in Canton.

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