From The RamCave: 5/23/22

Aaron Donald

By Joe Torosian

Quick Note: Aaron Donald, who is heading into his ninth season and has played in 127 of 129 possible games, turns 31 today.

Donald’s Stats: 441-tackles, 98-sacks, 150-tackles for loss.


I wanted to post this on Friday because I thought it was interesting.

On May 20th in 1955 legendary Rams running back Wendell Tyler was born.

On May 20th in 1951 Rams standout Cullen Bryant was born. On that same day Terry Nelson, a three-year starter at tight end (eight years with the team) was born.

Cullen Bryant

Wendell Tyler

Drafted: (round/overall/year)
Bryant: 2/31/1973
Tyler: 3/79/1977
Nelson: 4/99/1973

Nelson: 25/293/3Tds–receiving
Bryant: 177/619/5Tds—rushing, 31/227—receiving
Tyler: 218/1,109/9Tds—rushing, 32/308/1Td—receiving

Super Bowl 14
All three started
Tyler: 17/60—rushing, 3/20—receiving
Bryant: 6/30/1Td—rushing, 3/21—receiving
Nelson: 2/20—receiving

Note: Thank you for all the warm thoughts and prayers over the weekend. My oldest brother passed away. While we knew it was coming, we were surprised at how sudden it happened.

Again, thank you!

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