From The RamCave: 5/14/22

From The RamCave

By Joe Torosian

The goal with this schedule is to win your division and win the winnable games.

These are obvious:
Go 6-0 in the NFC West.
Crush Atlanta and Carolina. 
That should secure 8-wins.

But in order to keep Joe T. happy. (And it is all about keeping me happy & pleasant to be around.)
Dallas and New Orleans must be destroyed, and terminated with extreme prejudice.

That would secure 10-wins.
This leaves: Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Green Bay, Denver, and the Chargers to worry about.

If they go 3-4 against this group…the Rams finish 13-4. If they go 3-4 against this group and 5-1 in the division they finish 12-5. Last year they finished 12-5.

Don’t get worked up about these games and their outcomes. Get worked up about the division and the teams they should beat. 

The most important thing is to get into a position where the Rams don’t have to go to Green Bay or Philly during the playoffs.

Long shots are the Bears and TaxSkins, but if they make the playoffs they’d be coming to SoFi. The Vikings and Lions are not a concern because those franchises sold their souls to host Super Bowls in their new stadiums (indoor) rather than play in Super Bowls.

Finally, remember the Rams lost twice to Frisco in the regular season, but 21 days after the second loss they beat them to go to the Super Bowl.

Rams Schedule
(Week, opponent, date, first thoughts & current thoughts)

#1 Buffalo– Thursday, September 8th
Thoughts: Four consecutive Super Bowl losses.
Present: Lost last post-season, but not because of a coin flip.

#2 Atlanta– Sunday, September 18th
Thoughts: Does any kid, ever, dream about playing for this team?
Present: Thank you for playing, we have some lovely parting gifts for you.

#3 At Arizona– Sunday, September 25th
Thoughts: I still wonder how good Neil Lomax could have been.
Present: Kyler Murray does not keep me up at night.

#4 At San Francisco– Monday, October 3rd
Thoughts: Hate them more now, than I did with Montana.
Present: Very good team, with a rapidly closing window.

#5 Dallas– Sunday, October 9th
Thoughts: Cowboys in LA, in October =’s Harold Jackson.
Present: The Boys have problems…Pretenders.

#6 Carolina–  Sunday, October 16th
Thoughts: Not many. Is Brad Hoover still around?
Present: Week before the bye, this is the kind of team the Rams horse around with before putting away late.


#8 San Francisco– Sunday, October 30th
Thoughts: A 16-0 Monday night loss in 1976.
Present: How much mileage will Deebo Samuel have on him by mid-season?

#9 At Tampa Bay– Sunday, November 6th
Thoughts: We always win in Tampa.
Present: Part of me believes this is the season Tom Brady falls to earth and turns mortal.

#10 Arizona– Sunday, November 13th
Thoughts: Roy Green and Mel Gray should be better remembered.
Present: If Kyler Murray didn’t scare me in Week 3, he scares me less in Week 10. And it will be the second half of the season.

#11 At New Orleans– Sunday, November 20th
Thoughts: It’s always poor New Orleans and “So soon after Katrina,” and the city needing, “a big shot in the arm.”
Present: Will Jameis Winston still be their quarterback at this point?

#12 At Kansas City– Sunday, November 27th
Thoughts: Wilbur Harrison and Kansas City here I come. My first Rams game from start to finish in 1973.
Present: With four full seasons of tape, doesn’t Patrick Mahomes seem a little less dangerous? A tad less unstoppable?

#13 Seattle– Sunday, December 4th
Thoughts: Everyone remembers Zorn and Largent, does anyone remember Sherman Smith?
Present: Like Carolina before the bye, I worry the Rams could be a little less focused and could possibly get stung.

#14 Las Vegas–  Thursday, December 8th
Thoughts: I still think Super Bowl 11 should have been Rams-Raiders in the Rose Bowl.
Present: I do find myself, often, rooting for Derek Carr…and the Raiders against the NFL…But not when they play the Rams.

#15 At Green Bay–  Monday, December 19th
Thoughts: Another year, another game in Lambeau. I still have the 1974 game in my head along with John Brockington.
Present: Aaron Rodgers doesn’t scare me. Brand new receiving corps doesn’t scare me. No pick-sixes, no Packer win.

#16 Denver– Christmas Day, December 25th
Thoughts: I’ve stated my Christmas Day thoughts. Thank goodness Otis Armstrong is retired.
Present: When anyone says Russell Wilson is less than he used to be…The KBM (Kiss-Butt-Media) immediately accuses you of declaring that Wilson is washed. No…He’s still a very good quarterback, but honestly, Justin Herbert scares me more.
When has Wilson been consistently great against the Rams? Never. He’s made big plays, but consistently, methodically, great? No.

#17 At Chargers– Sunday, January 1st
Thoughts: I take great comfort with Bolt history. Chargers are always going to be the Chargers. Bolts are going to Bolt. Now if they can get a Jerry LeVias or Harrison Davis to run a streak pattern then they’d have something.
Present: If Spanos can keep his distance, this team can be great.

#18 At Seattle–  Sunday, January 8th
Thoughts: The greatest defensive performance I ever saw in 1979.
Present: Rams, stay healthy…You may not have a first round bye next week.

On this Date:
2009—Bob Boyd (6-2/210), wide receiver who played for the Rams from 1950-1957, passed away at the age of 81.

(Note: Boyd missed the 1952 season due to military service.)

All Pro in 1954 (53-catches/1,212yds/6Tds—in 12-games) he joined the Rams in 1950 out of Loyola Marymount. A speedster (briefly known as “The Fastest Man in Football) he averaged 20.5-yds per catch and finished his career with 176 grabs and 28 touchdowns.

Notable teammates and receivers during this era were Tom Fears and Elroy Hirsch….That’s a trio of receivers…All three stood 6-2.


Tangent Dreams

Tangent Dreams: A High School Football Novel (Available thru Amazon–click on pic)

1950—Former Rams wide receiver/kick returner Willie McGee turns 72 today.
After being drafted 5/123-overall in 1973 out of Alcorn State, McGee returned kickoffs for the Rams in 1974 & 1975. He caught six passes for the team in 1975.

He was lost in the expansion draft to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who traded him to San Francisco in the deal to acquire Steve Spurrier. After spending 1976 & 1977 with the 49ers he was released and signed with the Detroit Lions for a final cup of NFL coffee. (Join his newsletter)
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