From The RamCave: 11/20/21

The RamCave

By Joe Torosian

Rams are still a contender to play in the Super Bowl.


1.) Sean McVay needs to stop running empty with Matt Stafford in shotgun. There’s no mystery to this offense. A season ago, an offensive snap couldn’t be taken without play-action. This year play-action has gone Elvis. Meaning it’s gone. Nowhere to be found.

2.) Stafford is fine. Better than fine. The first pick against the 49ers goes to time spent with Odell Beckham Jr. I don’t see that happening again. And Tyler Higbee (Who’s kind of maxed out) should be buying the Stafford family dinner for a year after handing that pick-six to Frisco.

3.) Raheem Morris should not be fired. At least not until February. Every statistical category says the Rams have a good defense. You look at the roster, and it says the Rams have a good defense. The problem is on the field when you get taken to the woodshed by the 49ers. They pounded the ball, and the most remedial of football fans knew that’s what they were going to do. That’s hard to get around…they had to know, Morris had to know, and put nothing in the game plan to stop it. Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames—so frustrating!

4.) Let’s pile on the defense. How about ZERO (in CAPS to emphasize anger) in-game adjustments. None. If they do make adjustments, it’s not evident on the field.

5.) Triple-pile on the defense. What are they doing with Jalen Ramsey? It’s fascinating when you see what Ramsey can do. So physical, so fast, he can blitz, he’s an ultimate weapon. But why did they give him a contract for five years and worth 100-rocks? Because he’s a shut-down corner. Why isn’t he being allowed to shut-down half of the field? Why are Robert Rochelle and David Long Jr. covering Deebo Samuel?

6.) Okay, let’s drive the defense into the ground. Why are all the corners so far off the ball? Why can’t this team, with this excellent personnel, get off the field? Troy Reeder is nice for a moment, but not for four quarters—and you do not want him in coverage. Any place outside the box Taylor Rapp is a liability. When I played basketball, any dude that came down the middle too many times got fouled and fouled hard. In football, you got to protect the middle—except in the Rams’ current defensive scheme.

7.) The Rams’ three corners are Ramsey, Williams, and Dont’e Deayon. That should be the core three playing the bulk of the snaps. Rochelle is not ready, and the team has no faith in Long…so why are they playing?


After Week 6, I posted on all the message board the question: “What position should the Rams look at in the 2022 NFL Draft?”

I got 105 responses. Here’s the breakdown:

Quarterback:3 Left Tackle:8 Inside Linebacker:24 Too Soon:3
Running Back:3 Tackle:6 Run Stopper:5 (unspecified) Trade For Myles Jack
Fullback:1 Defense: 2 (unspecified) Edge:1 Les Snead Sucks
Wide Receiver:1 Cornerback:15 Best Player Available:3 Fire Sean McVay
Offensive Line:10 Safety:8 Trade the Pick:6 You Suck Joe T.


Rams 2022 Free Agents:

(19 players currently on the roster will be free agents when the season ends. As of right now, what would you want to do with them?)

Von Miller—Of course, you’d want him back. But how much is he going to cost and for how long? 

Odell Beckham Jr.—Same. How much for how long?

Darious Williams—Right now, based on what we’ve seen this season and how much he’s worth on the market? No way. But…how much of this year is on Williams, and how much is on Raheem Morris and his defensive philosophy?

Sony Michel—He’s making close to 2.5-rocks right now. That’s a bit pricey for someone who will be third on the depth chart in 2022. So long.

Austin Corbett—Is he Tom Mack or Dennis Harrah? No. Do you have a replacement for him? He’s only made 1.8 this year and might be looking for a bigger payday heading into the back half of his 20s.

Brian Allen—Playing like one of the top five centers in the NFL. Allen is only making $786,734 this season. He’s 28. The front office made the right move in letting Austin Blythe walk, but I’d hate to lose Allen. He’s going to want money.

Matt Gay—Yes.

Dont’e Deayon—Third best corner on the team, and nobody wanted him. I think they will now. If Williams walks, Deayon becomes necessary. If Williams stays, it’s hard to see Deayon sticking around.

Joseph Noteboom—Great backup, great insurance policy, who’s filled in well for Andrew Whitworth. Unless there’s something else out there, they have to sign him.

Troy Reeder—A spot player who’s being exposed. He’s a restricted free agent, but other than Raheem Morris, I don’t think anyone else sees him as anything more than a spot player.

Ogbo Okoronkwo—I’d like to keep him, but Terrell Lewis and Justin Hollins are scheduled to be back. He may be going the Samson Ebukam route.

Sebastian Joseph-Day—Rams have gotten a lot of clicks out of this dude. Chest injury was bad timing. I’d like to keep him, but he may want to go the Morgan Fox route.

Johnny Mundt—As long as he can block, and wants to block, and is willing to make only a single rock or less…Keep him.

Others: Buddy Howell, Coleman Shelton, Travin Howard, John Wolford, JuJu Hughes, Jamir Jones.


Patriots 25, Falcons 0: 

***If Matt Ryan was really serious about football. He puts the word out that he’ll structure his contract and tell Atlanta to deal him to a contender. The guy can still play, but this Falcon team is not close enough.

***It was interesting when Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were at the zenith of their praise for Mac Jones, the Patriot quarterback threw a pick.

***Seeing Josh Rosen come into the game made me think that maybe the road back to relevance begins now. A pick-six later, and the Feleipe Franks era begins…and then ends.

***I wouldn’t want to play the New England defense in January. They’ve got some big tests coming up with Tennessee and Buffalo twice, but they look good.

***Patriots also have a solid offensive line. They’re even getting clicks out of Trent Brown.

Week-11 Picks

(Winners in Bold)

Ravens-Bears—Is there anything outside of Lamar Jackson not playing that makes you believe Chicago has a chance?

Packers-Vikings—Green Bay got their mulligan against KC. They shouldn’t lose to the Vikes. 

Colts-Bills—Indy can beat them, but they won’t.

Lions-Browns—Every game is of killer importance for Baker Mayfield’s next contract.

Washington-Panthers—Am I high on Cam Newton? Not really? Do I trust the Taxskins? No.

Texans-Titans—Tennessee gets a bye—but they have to dress.

49ers-Jaguars—Kyle Shanahan might be Sean McVay’s daddy, but he’s not playing McVay this week. Frisco wins, but I get the feeling it’s going to be ugly.

Dolphins-Jets—I’ve changed my mind. Initially took Miami, but I’m going Jets at home.

Saints-Eagles—I keep taking whoever plays Philly. Not this week. Eagles fly.

Bengals-Raiders—This is called the; “Save Our Season Bowl.”

Cowboys-Chiefs—I don’t like Dallas, but I cannot pick KC. Think about the Cowboys receivers going against a secondary that starts Daniel Sorensen at safety?

Cardinals-Seahawks—Pete Carroll could pull this one-off. He could conjure something in the wet and wild of Seattle. Kyler Murray hasn’t played in a few weeks…NAH! (I’m wavering.)

Sunday Night

Steelers-Chargers—Going to go out on a limb…All the good feeling from the start of the season hangs in the balance for the Bolts. Big test for HC Brandon Staley. Gotta believe they’re going to come out hard…and run away with it. Come on! The Steelers tied the Lions!

Monday Night

Giants-Buccaneers—Tampa Bay needs to get back on track. And the G-Men are the perfect team to help them do it.

(Teams on Bye: Rams, Broncos.)

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