From The RamCave: 10/29/21

By Joe Torosian

News is breaking that the Rams and DeSean Jackson have mutually agreed to seek a trade partner.

I like Jackson’s role with the Rams, but if Jackson doesn’t like it, move him for an asset and clear him off the books. This is his shot at a ring, and if he can’t accept a reduced role—where he can still contribute—then so long. 

He is not a starting receiver in the NFL anymore. If he can’t see that, move him, trade him, release him, and tell him to go with God. 

Jackson needs the Rams more than the Rams need him. 


Sunday, I like the Rams over the Texans—35-10.

This is a blowout, nothing to break down, and the only suspense is to see if Houston can score ten points.

Comparing the Rams to other opponents makes it difficult to pick against them. When you look at this team, you’re disappointed if they don’t smoke everybody 52-3. 

But disposition, attitude at kickoff can’t be factored. Against the Bears and Buccaneers, the Rams came to play. Against everybody else, they’ve started in a sleepwalk. These soft starts are frustrating to watch. While they’re talented, they are not that talented, and are cruising for another bruising. 

So, I’m concerned.

It was a bold move to send Kenny Young to Denver. I’m anxious to see Ernest Jones play cover linebacker. There shouldn’t be too much of a drop-off, and playing the Texans is the perfect time to do it.

Is it ridiculous to label a rookie a bust eight weeks into the season? Yes. 

Is it ridiculous to wonder what’s going on with Tutu Atwell? No. 

How Atwell, a second-round pick, doesn’t get offensive snaps against the Giants and the Lions is beyond me. He seems to be in the same dog house David Long Jr. is in.

Players to watch? Tyler Higbee and Robert Woods.

The Rams take “The Case Keenum Trophy.”

The Rams lead the Texans head-to-head: 3-1-0.
The only time the Rams lost to the Texans was in 2009, 16-13, and Keith Null (18/27/173/1-1) was the quarterback—and he wore #9. That game was also the only time the Rams failed to score over 30 against Houston.
2005: Rams 33-27—QB Ryan Fitzpatrick 3Td-passes.
2013: Rams 38-13—QB Sam Bradford 3Td-passes.
2017: Rams 33-7—QB Jared Goff 3Td-passes

Days & Numbers of Future Past:
(Wore The Number Before)
Jones #50—Ken Iman (1965-74) started at center for ten years. He never missed a game, never missed a start. Kevin McLain (1976-79) was taken 26th overall out of Colorado State. He was so good the Rams drafted another linebacker (Bob Brudzinski) in the first round the following year. These three linebackers were all second round selections: Jim Collins (43rd overall—1981-88), Frank Stams (45th overall—1989-91), and Pisa Tinoisamoa (43rd overall—2003-08). Only Collins made a Pro Bowl. Samson Ebukam (2017-20) was a 4th round pick, who made some big plays for the team. Now in Frisco, he’s not playing much. Finally, tackle, Ryan Tucker (1997-01) wore #50 for two Super Bowl teams.

Fred Dryer

Higbee #89—Jared Cook (2013-15)…Yikes! Ron Brown (1984-89) had some moments playing alongside Henry Ellard. But this number belongs to Fred Dryer (1972-1981). Between 1973-1980, Dryer didn’t miss a game or start. Although it is unofficial, he is credited with 74-sacks in his Rams career while playing alongside Merlin Olsen, Jack Youngblood, and Larry Brooks. He was in double-digit sacks four times, including 15 in 1974, and in 1973 recorded two safeties in the fourth quarter against the Green Bay Packers (Scott Hunter & Jim Del Gaizo).

Woods #2—According to Pro Football Reference, only seven players have worn #2 in franchise history. Give respect to punter Mike Horan (1997,99) for winning a Super Bowl…but that’s it until Woods changed jerseys this season.  

Packers 24, Cardinals 21: 
***Can you believe people were actually declaring the Packers soft just two weeks into this season? Last night was the most physical I’ve seen a Green Bay running game since the days of John Brockington and MaCarthur Lane. And Aaron Rodgers managed it.
***The Packers (without their top three receivers) were about to steal that game in Arizona when the NFL stole it back. With no conclusive video, Aaron Jones’ touchdown  (game-clincher) was overturned. 
***The party for the Cardinals “Over The Hill Gang” is starting to wind down. J.J. Watt is likely done for the season, center Rodney Hudson missed his third game, and (forgetting the last play Thursday night) A.J. Green’s skills are diminishing.
***The rest of the league was likely taking notes that the Cards can’t stop the run. Hopefully, Rams HC Sean McVay was one of them.
***I’m no expert, but Kyler Murray never seemed to get outside or loose scrambling with the ball. It looked like the Packers kept contain and maintained their lanes.   

Tangent Dreams

Tangent Dreams

Week-7 Picks
(Winners in Bold)
Panthers-Falcons—Never trust the Falcons, but how do you trust a team that loses in New York?
Titans-Colts—Tennessee is a better version of Atlanta. Just when you start to believe they pull the rug out from under you…But I have to believe.
Dolphins-Bills—The Williams get back on track and win at home.
Bengals-Jets—Get the win, get out, don’t do anything stupid. I find myself worrying about Cincy these days like my daughter when she goes out at night.
Steelers-Bowns-Both teams need this win to keep the season alive. Something tells go with Pittsburgh.
Eagles-Lions—Detroit gets its first win of the season. You heard it here first.
Rams-Texans—It would be nice to see the Rams start aggressive, stay aggressive, and empty the bench in the fourth.
49ers-Bears—The HC who loses this game, will not be an HC in 2022.
Patriots-Chargers—If the Bolts are legit, we’ll find out. Because New England’s going to run the ball.
Jaguars-Seahawks—Energy says go with the Jags, and that the party’s over in Seattle…but it’s the Jags and it is in the Emerald City.
Buccaneers-Saints—New Orleans not bad, but they’re not going to hang with the Bucs. After watching Tom Brady, Mike Evans versus Marshon Lattimore might be the best thing about this game.
Washington-Broncos—I can’t believe Vic Fangio is still the Broncos HC…but when DC pulls off this win…He might not be.

Sunday Night
Cowboys-Vikings—If there were two playoff byes available, then Dak Prescott sits with his tender calf. But there’s only one bye available, and that’s why Prescott playing is a possibility. Loathe as I am to ever pick Dallas…I have to pick them here. 

Monday Night
Giants-Chiefs—KC wins. They’ll look good against the Giants and folks will convince themselves that the flaws have been fixed—when they haven’t.

(Raiders, Ravens on bye.)

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4 Responses to From The RamCave: 10/29/21

  1. Dale says:

    DJ is a good addition, but if he wants snaps more than a ring, let him go. I think we should use Atwell in that role against Houston. See what he can do! Might as well find out what he can do on the field.

    The game against Houston will be closer than you predict, I think. I could certainly be wrong, but several key players won’t be playing or will be limited this weekend. I think we win, but it won’t be a satisfying blowout. Are they bad? Sure. But they’ve had flashes of showing they can produce earlier in the year. We CANNOT take them lightly. These games we “should” win mean that we “must” win them, more so than the toss-ups later.

    • joetadmin says:

      In the end I was pleased…I thought they came out and took care of business. I’m not saying the guys going to be an all-pro, but I love how we got three catches out of Skowronek…249th overall…and we’re getting snaps out of him. Any thoughts on the Von Miller trade?

      • Dale says:

        So props to you and your blowout prediction. Texans far worse than I knew. Rams took care of it. I like Skowronek – just not as a kick returner LOL. I really like how we are able to get value out of low picks.

        I love the Miller trade. That’s a definite win. He brings so much to the table. He’s worth the rental for the picks, if that’s how it plays out and we get to the SB. Who knows? Maybe we are able to keep him for a couple of years. He could make AD and Flo that much better. It should make our secondary better too.

        Atwell question is answered. Sorry for him.

        Mixed emotions on the OBJ chatter. Primarily – would he be okay with being WR4? Sends wrong message to our core receivers. OTOH, if our current crew is good with it, then okay, he could definitely help. I hear many say he’s a good locker room guy, that the diva label is overdone. Not sure we can swing it, not sure we should.

        • joetadmin says:

          Miller deal was great…going forward it will be interesting. I’m sure he’s going to want his dough but being in Los Angeles affords him the opportunity to pick off a couple more rings before hanging it up. I’m good with what we got in Justin Hollins, Terrell Lewis, and Ogbo (last name too long to spell)…so if Miller wants to walk after the season. No worries. Our acquiring of Miller midseason sort of (just sort of) reminds me of the 49ers picking up Fred Dean midseason in 1981.

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