Fanview: February 18, 2021

By Joe Torosian

“Let me tell you this, the older you do get the more rules they’re gonna try to get you to follow. You just gotta keep livin’ man, L-I-V-I-N.”—Wooderson

Kick it!

I buried a friend today. 

I share that not to garner any sympathy or “sorry for your loss” comments. The friend had been sick for a long time and given the ailment inevitable. It was not COVID-19 related or brought about by any bad action or injustice.

It was just the stuff that happens in life. And in the context of someone passing away (in my church, we reference it as “Graduating to be with the Lord.”), it was victorious.

Still doesn’t make things easier, but it’s a part of life. Right?

This isn’t meant to be melancholy or philosophical…But what came to me as I spoke, read thoughts, quoted scripture, and prayed was, “Dang! Live your life!”

Don’t be afraid to make a decision based on today.

I’m a Pastor and a Sportswriter, and in the dichotomic thinking that someone with those careers can have, what came to me was, “Trade those draft picks!”

Trade them before the window closes. Trade them while you still have Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey in their prime. If you’re in Indianapolis, go get Carson Wentz, his lousy stats, and enormous contract–if you think it’s going to better your team.

I might not think extending Fernando Tatis Jr. this early is a good thing, but the San Diego Padres did. Okay, cool. Let it rip.

Sometimes we worry so much about tomorrow that we do a detriment to today. What’s so bad about today? Make the trade. Make the deal. Make the decision.

Of course, be responsible, weigh how it affects your loved ones, and then make the call.

Maybe not always, because we don’t know what waits for us in the future…but I’d trade the unknown tomorrow for the known today. What did Nacho say? “Don’t you want a little taste of the glory? To see what it taste’s like!”

I don’t want to hope Jared Goff gets better…I know Matthew Stafford is better. Boom! Make the deal.

The Dodgers don’t want to see if Edwin Rios can turn out to be the guy at third base…They’d rather have the guy, Justin Turner, who plays it very well right now. Boom! Sign the man!

The New York Mets had two young shortstops who might end up being “pretty good,” but they traded both for Francisco Lindor, who can walk away at the end of 2021. Boom! Let’s roll!

I understand NBA draft picks are pretty worthless outside of the top five…but how many did the Brooklyn Nets give away to get James Harden from the Houston Rockets? Four? 

Yeah, take the draft picks. I’ll hire the Shootist. I want to win now.

Maybe it’s because the Rams have finally come to the party–I don’t know–but I love the aggressiveness I’m seeing in sports. And I can see it translating into other aspects of life.

This wasn’t me. I was always for keeping those draft picks. Indeed, tomorrow has to ultimately be served…but maybe not as much as we think. Maybe we can pick off some victories in the here and now. Maybe we can do it while we’re still gathered tight to the ones we love.

When our girls were young, we did several big family vacations. I was counseled to put the money into home improvements. Without any real consideration, my wife and I chose the vacations…and I’m so glad we did. The memories, the experiences with our kids…We had them when they were still on the table to be had.

My friend that I buried today built a family after tremendous hurt and pain. And then, after building a family, found the capacity—through finite means—to reach out one more time and bring someone from the outside to the inside of that family (adoption).

Was the consideration–“We’re not going to have money tomorrow.” …?

Or–“Let’s love life and share it today.” …?

I heard and saw the answer this morning in the middle of the sharing, the caring, the joy, and the tears.

Trade those draft picks…Win now!

The Dude abides…
1 Corinthians 8:5-6

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