Fanview: January 29, 2021


“You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.”—Jerry West

Kick it!

I know this could put me on tricky ground, but… 

Every announcement I see about each “groundbreaking” female hire in sports feels a lot more like the NFL/MLB/NBA-Networks are selling and not informing. If you’ve ever spent an evening with an Amway salesman—you know exactly what I mean. 

“Like this! You have to like this! You must like this!”

My return thought is, “Dude, we’re cool with it.”

After Sally Ride went into space 38 years ago, everything else to me became small potatoes. I just don’t care. And here’s a newsflash—a good 80% of the guys who discriminated against women and judged them by the size of their breasts are dead…or too old to be influential…or too fearful of being canceled…or wished they had breasts themselves.

I don’t care that the New Orleans and Washington football teams have female assistant coaches. I don’t care that the Milwaukee Brewers hired a female hitting instructor. I don’t care a female is officiating in the Super Bowl.

It’s difficult to digest in 2021, but a vast percentage of women don’t care. And I have three daughters, a wife, and work with females in a traditionally male career and they don’t care. That goes against the accepted narrative (dogma), but they don’t.

As Mr. Frank Waturi once said, “I’m not arguing that with you! I know he can get the job, but can he do the job?” 

No one needs to be sold on this, it’s all good. The pandering, the virtue signaling, all the monolithic agreement is like declaring salt water is salty. It’s business, and if it works, it works. 

In sports, no one needs to be celebrated unless they win. Just win theyby!

I predict this:

Given the dire condition of fundamentals in the NBA, I can see a female—fundamentally solid with some athleticism—make her debut in the Association in the next five-to-seven years.

Okay, cool, but can she play defense and hit a mid-range jumper?


Conspiracy Theory Friday:
I’ve always wanted to do a sports conspiracy day. UFOs, the government, entertainment all have a conspiracy culture. I’ve never seen one in sports…So here you go.

If you’ve seen the original “Rollerball” with James Caan and his character Johnathan E….Then you know Tom Brady is the NFL’s Johnathan E. 

In the film, Johnathan has played ten years, longer than anyone else in the game’s history, and he’s still the best. Tom Brady—excuse me, Tom Ten-Brady—is 43 and is still arguably the best and winning championships.

In the “Rollerball” world, the corporations run everything. And they’ve created the game to prove the weakness of resistance to the society and the created culture. They want Johnathan to retire because he’s wrecking the narrative.

“Corporate society takes care of everything. And all it asks of anyone, all it’s ever asked of anyone ever, is not to interfere with management decisions.” & “The game was created to demonstrate the futility of individual effort.”—Executive Bartholomew (played by John Houseman)

What if Tom Brady—the guy who has defied the odds and seemingly time—is “suddenly” diagnosed with, say, COVID-19 and can’t play in the Super Bowl? Could there be a message in that? A message to remind America and the world that other powers are running this show? And that we all better stay in line?

“No player is greater than the game itself. It’s a significant game, in a number of ways, the velocities of the ball, the awful physics of the track, and in the middle of it all: men – playing by an odd set of rules. It’s not a game man is supposed to grow strong in, Jonathan. You appreciate that, don’t you?”—Bartholomew

Crazy? Hey, it’s conspiracy Friday.


First Thought—Cornerback Darious Williams, a restricted free agent, needs a decent contract offer. He is more valuable that John Johnson III. 

Second Thought—Trust Sean McVay. In 2017, McVay’s first season—this was the front office and staff the Rams had: Brad Holmes (Lions GM), Ray Agnew (Lions Pro Personnel Dir.), Matt LaFleur (Green Bay HC), Zac Taylor (Cincinnati HC), Shane Waldron (Seattle OC)…And now Brandon Staley (Chargers HC)…This demonstrates McVay knows talent, is unintimidated, and has a great skill for developing talent.


Super Bowl 55
Kansas City at Tampa Bay: Buccaneers 4, Chiefs 0
I woke up this morning still liking the Bucs…Unless the Corporation decides Tom Ten-Brady cannot play. That’s four straight days of leaning towards Tampa… I’m still searching for a path, Chiefs fans but I haven’t found it yet.


Former Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Joc Pederson signs a 1-year/$7-mil deal with the Chicago Cubs.

If I was a Colorado Rockies fan, I’m sick at the prospect of losing Nolan Arenado. If I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan, I’m ecstatic—IF—only if Arenado moves back his opt-out clause. I’d hate to make the deal, give up a bunch of treasure, and then have the dude go into free agency.

Does it seem like Trevor Bauer’s delay in signing has shrunk his market and likely the size of his contract? Unless the Dodgers are doing something in the shadows, I can’t see any other team outside of the New York Mets interested in Bauer at a significant price tag.


Portland at Houston: Rockets win—104-101
The Trail Blazers (9-8) jumped to a 30-10 lead before falling behind 53-50 at the half. I’ll never get used to the Rockets (8-9) in blue, but I could get used to John Wall, Victor Oladipo, and Christian Wood. Houston’s won four in a row.

Golden State at Phoenix: Suns win—114-93
Suns (9-8) blow the game open in the fourth and cruised to an easy win without Devin Booker. The victory snaps a three-game losing streak. Mikal Bridges (Villanova) led with 20-pts, seven players scored in double figures.

The Warriors (10-9) continue to show talent, but the only consistent performer is Steph Curry.

NBA Games Seen: 48
Trail Blazers:3 

The Dude abides…
1 Corinthians 4:20

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