Fanview: January 28, 2021


“I couldn’t care less if the guy I’m guarding has HIV. I’m going to slam him anyway.”—Dennis Rodman

Kick it!

“Joe T., what do you think about prep sports being played right now in California?”

Since I’m not dependent on prep sports anymore, I haven’t commented on this topic. Any discussion tends to metastasize into a toxic tumor, and before you know it, you’re talking politics.

I’m staying politics-free until something hilarious—like an excellent Bernie meme—pops up.

As a rule, I’m always suspicious of, “I’m just here for the kids”…or… “I only want what’s best for the kids.”

Now sometimes it’s true, but my 36 years of experience with teens, kids, teachers—people in general—has taught me to be very careful and very cynical.

When I hear, “I’m here for the kids” I regard it the same way I do a Christian or Environmentalist preaching the end of the world. Been there, done that, bought that tee shirt.


Yesterday, someone heard Colin Cowherd praise Jared Goff. Cowherd said the Rams have won with Goff, go to the playoffs with Goff, and have been to the Super Bowl with Goff.

And that’s supposed to change my opinion about Goff topping out? 

Yeah, Goff was a key part of a Super Bowl team—that lost—two years ago.

In 1979 the Rams finished 9-7 and went to a Super Bowl. It was glorious. Two years later, they were 6-10, missed the playoffs, and suffering the last gasps of Dan Pastorini’s career. 

It’s so cliche to say, but–two years is an eternity in the NFL.

Goff may still be good enough to get you to the playoffs. And—without a series of major turnovers—win you a game…But have you seen anything in the last two years to make you believe you can win a title with him?


Kansas City at Tampa Bay: Buccaneers (3) Chiefs (0).
(Subject to Change)
It’s my third day thinking about the Super Bowl. The Chiefs will be minus critical players on their offensive line, but Sammy Watkins and Le’Veon Bell will be back. 

Still, it’s a KC offensive line going against a defense that can get after the quarterback. Patrick Mahomes keeps it close, but in the fourth, Tampa pulls away.


Note to Angels Fans: (I know you’re out there)…When Spring Training was a regular part of my spring routine in Phoenix, I got enamored with an outfield prospect named Jahmai Jones. 

He looked like he was fast-tracking and then disappeared. My life went on (I just didn’t have time for the Angels)…but recently, I discovered he was moved to second base and had been struggling. 

The struggle? According to Baseball America, Jones changed his swing to create a greater launch angle. He’s since reverted to his old stance and swing and playing better.  

But this raises a question I never hear asked: Can you change (not tinker) a swing you’ve been using all your life? Better put, should you change a swing that has made you a professional ballplayer solely to incorporate more power?

Note to Dodgers Fans: Is there anybody you’re worried about losing? Or is it more an emotional feeling than a practical one?

Saw an item on Joc Pederson talking with the San Francisco Giants. I’m assuming you’re not going to miss Pedro Baez…But if—big if it seems now—if Justin Turner leaves, it will only be emotional, right? Because practically, as much as it pains me to say it, your team is in excellent shape.


The last time the New York Mets sent a starter (R.A. Dickey) to the Toronto Blue Jays, they got back Noah Syndergaard and Travis d’Arnaud. Within two years, they were in the World Series.

(I’m not counting the deal for Marcus Stroman because he was a starter coming to the Mets, not leaving. Plus, I’m not overwhelmed with Stroman.)

I liked Steven Matz, but his abundance of gopher-balls was annoying…and the wait for the promise of 2015 to come to fruition was getting old. So, buh-bye, Stevie.

In return, the Mets got Josh Winckowski, Sean Reid-Foley, and Yennsy Diaz (Blue Jays #27 prospect heading into 2020)…And a spot & ducketts cleared, hopefully, for Trevor Bauer.


Lakers at Philadelphia: 76ers win—107-106
The 76ers (13-6) tried. They tried really hard to blow a 12-point lead late, even got outscored 13-0 down the stretch before Tobias Harris knocked in the game-winner with 2.4 to play.

As the Lakers (14-5) tightened their defense, ESPN analyst Doris Burke provided the freshest commentary I’ve heard in 46 games this season.

“Why isn’t Joel Embid down in the blocks?”…and… “That was a terrible end of game possession by the 76ers.”… It’s not much, but you have to appreciate it when you hear it.

Philly showed toughness by winning the game. Going forward, they showed they’re a legitimate match for the Lakers in talent. If the NBA is fortunate, these two teams will face each other in the finals.

Embid is a legit MVP candidate.

NBA Games Seen: 46
Trail Blazers:2 

The Dude abides…
1 Corinthians 4:9

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