From The RamCave: 5/7/22

Joe Torosian

By Joe Torosian.

New theory…Thoroughly un-researched…but eye catching.

16 of the Rams projected 22 starters for 2022 were drafted by the team. This must equal Super Bowl.

You’ve heard the phrase for TV shows, “Six seasons and a movie.”

For the Rams it’s “Four seasons and a Comp-pick.” 

Without first round picks, and very few seconds, success is measured by getting four years and a compensation draft choice.

Recent Examples:
Sebastian Joseph-Day
Ogbo Okoronkwo
Gerald Everett
John Johnson III
Samson Ebukam
Josh Reynolds

Next Up:
Taylor Rapp
Darrell Henderson
David Long Jr.
Bobby Evans
Greg Gaines
David Edwards
Nick Scott

Just for fun…the Rams 1975 Draft–and what it became.
#9—Mike Fanning
#11—Dennis Harrah
#20—Doug France
#28—Monte Jackson turned into George Andrews & LeRoy Irvin.
#48—Leroy Jones turned into Billy Waddy.
#61—Geoff Reece turned into Nolan Cromwell.
#67—Dan Nugent turned into Irv Pankey.
#98—Rod Perry turned into David Hill.
#126—Rick Nuzum turned into (ultimately) Johnnie Johnson & Mike Guman.
#176—Pat Haden

On this date in 2021, former Rams FB/RB Jim Bertelsen died at the age of 71.

Drafted 30th overall by the Rams in 1972 out of Texas, Bertelsen played five seasons with the team. Including a Pro Bowl appearance following the 1973 season.

The second round pick used to draft him was part of the deal that sent Deacon Jones to the San Diego Chargers. (Also acquired in that deal was #31 overall in 1973 draft—Cullen Bryant.)

In 1974 the Rams drafted John Cappelletti in the first round and Bertelsen’s playing time began to decrease. He went from 206 carries and 854 rushing yards in 1973 to 127 and 419 the following season.

He was waived in the final cut down going into the 1977 season

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