From The RamCave: 4/23/22

Happy Birthday to Greg Meisner, who turns 63 today.

By Joe Torosian

Rams History with Pittsburgh DTs

We all know about Aaron Donald. And we might remember Sean Gilbert. And we’ve likely forgotten Greg Meisner, who is celebrating is 63rd birthday today. 

Donald, taken 13th overall in 2014, should be in the Hall of Fame now…We know that.

Sean Gilbert (1/3/1992) stood 6-5/318 and played four years with the team registering 24.5 sacks. And is regarded as a bust given the fact that he was taken third overall.

Meisner (3/63/1981) was strictly a blue collar guy. Not special but steady. Standing 6-3 257, he played in 103 games for the Rams…1981-1988. That is great mileage from a third round pick.

Three of these players out of Pitt have been starters for the Rams…the only thing better would have been if the Rams could have gotten their hands on Hugh Green.

In the 1981 Draft. Green was taken 7th overall by Tampa Bay. The Rams drafting 9th took Mel Owens.

The first eight picks of the 1981 Draft: (Bold HOF)

#1 George Rogers, New Orleans 

#2 Lawrence Taylor, New York Giants

#3 Freeman McNeil, New York Jets

#4 Kenny Easley, Seattle Seahawks

#5 E.J. Junior, St. Louis Cardinals

#6 Rich Campbell, Green Bay Packers

#7 Hugh Green, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

#8 Ronnie Lott, San Francisco 49ers

#9 Mel Owens, Los Angeles Rams

The Dark Norm

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Note: USC Safety Dennis Smith drafted 15th overall by the Denver Broncos should be in the Hall of Fame.

In the second round:

Mike Singletary (Bears), Howie Long (Raiders), and Rickey Jackson (Saints)…are in the Hall of Fame.

In the third round:

Russ Grimm (69th overall/Redskins) is in the Hall of Fame.

Note: That third round, 69th overall pick was obtained by the Rams from the Miami Dolphins in the Bob Brudzinski trade in April of 1981.

The Rams then dealt that pick, along with three others, to move up and draft Barry Redden 14th overall in 1982 Draft.

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