From The RamCave: 3/20/22

By Joe Torosian

Removing the emotion.

The Rams had Robert Woods inked through the 2025 season. With bonuses, he was scheduled to make 13.5-Rocks this season with a cap hit of 15.7.

Moving his salary makes perfect sense. The question is, does it make sense to move him?

Essentially, and indirectly, the swap is Woods for Allen Robinson.

Rams fans knew what Woods could do. Catch passes, block (which cannot be glossed over), and run the ball.

(Grading below from Pro Football Focus)

Player & Size Route Running Pass Blocking Run Blocking
Robinson: 6-3/211 67 62.2 57.9
Woods: 6/195 72.1 72.6 84.9

Robert Woods

No, I don’t like the trade of Robert Woods to the Tennessee Titans. Woods has proven he can do things that Robinson can’t. 

Am I okay with getting rid of his contract? Absolutely. It continues to let the Rams be the Rams.

I went through the same feelings with James Harris, Harold Jackson, Wendell Tyler, Pat Thomas…even London Fletcher. It hurts, but legit fandom comes with pain. Read the warning label (if you can find it).

Rams Receiving Room:
Cooper Kupp—Not going anywhere

Allen Robinson—Not going anywhere.

Van Jefferson—Hard to see him being moved now. Jefferson’s good. He’s just not special.

Tutu Atwell—All the optics are bad. Creed Humphrey’s name still echoes in all draft discussions. But the Rams won a Super Bowl without Creed Humphrey.

The guys that made the call on Brian Allen to play center, deal two first-rounders to Detroit, brought in OBJ and Von Miller…are the same guys who made the call to draft Tutu Atwell.

They’ve earned a credit extension.

However, that doesn’t mean they won’t include Atwell in a trade. Currently, there’s no room for him on the field either on offense or in the return game with Brandon Powell back in the fold.

Odell Beckham Jr.—is a free agent. He’s suffered his second ACL injury in less than two years. His best-projected return date is late November–if his rehab goes well.

His market value is 13.1-million annually (according to, or 2-for-26. But who’s going to give that to him?

Why would the Rams sign him at that figure? With Woods in the house, the team had the leverage. Now some of that swings to OBJ. 

I’d wait as long as I could to sign him and let the market dry up.

Finally—The Rams get a sixth-rounder from the Titans in 2023 for Woods. Which, by including all the compensatory picks, gives the team twelve overall in 2023. 

There’s your trade capital.

Rams 2023 Draft Slots (including likely compensatory picks)

Draft Obtained Notes
2nd Round Team’s
3rd Round Team’s
5th Round Team’s
5th Round Darious Williams/Compensatory Signed with Jaguars
5th Round Austin Corbett/Compensatory Signed with Panthers
6th Round Corey Bojorques/Trade Traded to Packers
6th Round Team’s
6th Round Sebastian Joseph-Day/Compensatory Signed with Chargers
6th Round Robert Woods/Trade Traded to Titans
7th Round Michael Brockers/Trade Originally Detroit’s
7th Round Team’s
7th Round Ogbo Okoronkwo/Compensatory Signed with Texans

Note: Signing of Robinson—Cancels the Von Miller compensatory which was a 5th Rounder.

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  1. Dale says:

    Any thoughts on a punter to replace Hekker? Your thoughts on trying to get Wagner? I’m guessing he’s going to be pretty expensive. Do we roll with our current crew of Jones and Lewis?

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