Fanview/RamView: 3/7/22

By Joe Torosian —

“Every year someone comes out of this looking like a donkey… Tomorrow I’ve got a feeling that could be you if you don’t make this deal.”—Sonny Weaver Jr.

Kick it!

I always say, “I don’t want to be that guy,” but I love being that guy.

Last week I said the only quarterback worth taking a chance on this draft was Liberty’s Malik Willis. After his combine performance, Willis confirmed that statement.

Does that mean Willis is a lock? No. But it does mean if you want to take a shot, Willis is the guy to do it with.

Mock Drafts are all over and changing by the day—by the hour.

Willis is projected in three different mock drafts as going 8th overall to Atlanta, 20th to Pittsburgh, and 9th to Denver.

Kenny Pickett is listed as 20th to Pittsburgh, 11th at Washington, and 6th to Carolina.

Matt Corral is projected to go 26th to Tennessee, 49th to New Orleans, and 20th to Pittsburgh.

In one draft, five quarterbacks went in the first round.

Pickett (Carolina), Willis (Denver), Cincinnati’s Desmond Ridder (Washington), Corral (Pittsburgh), and North Carolina’s Sam Howell (Detroit).

PFF (Pro Football Focus) graded Ridder’s combine performance better than Picketts.

Willis was graded as the best.

The mock draft showing Howell going to Detroit with the final pick in the first round—32nd overall—belonged to the Rams.

Do you think Matthew Stafford was worth it?

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Last Add NFL Draft: Because this draft seems void of stars, the buzz is a lot of teams are looking to move back. The Rams are sitting outside the top 100 with eight picks. If teams are eager to move back, could the Rams target a player they like as high as the second round and piece together a deal?

The Wide Receiver room is loaded. Tutu Atwell cannot yet be labeled a bust and impressed enough in 2021 to go 57th overall—he has value. Could he (Atwell) be paired with a draft pick by the Rams for something in the second round? How interesting would that be?

It’s the seventh day of March, and instead of talking MLB, we’re talking about one of the worst drafts for quarterbacks in a decade.

When I was working at The Mid, and another website beat us to a story, I remember feeling sick to my stomach until we posted our version. Because I knew there was something we could add, a little piece of information we had in our files, and while we wouldn’t be first, our story would have some distinction.

I can’t imagine what MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is feeling—or maybe not feeling. If I was the commissioner and I saw the most significant sports news on March 7, 2022, being mock drafts about fair to average quarterbacks instead of baseball—the hope of Spring!—I’d be beyond sick to my stomach. I’d be dehydrated and in need of an IV pumping fluids into my system.

Major League Baseball is not just losing time in March, they’re losing generations. Plus, it’s a rich man’s sport (As stated in The Urena Express), the analytics have slowed the game down, diminished the action, and there’s way too much to compete with over a 162-game season.

America still loves baseball, but we see very little of it these days via lockout and urgency.

So if we don’t talk football, we can’t talk baseball, and the USFL is still a month away…what are we going to talk about?

I’ve never seen so many members of the KBM (Kiss Butt Media) work so hard and seem so desperate for us to have an interest in the NBA. I try, but I just don’t care.

When the NHL playoffs start, I’ll be interested in that, but until then, until the USFL kicks off, until the NFL Draft takes place…maybe it’s time to give Communist Kick-Ball a look-see.

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