Fanview: 2/28/22

By Joe Torosian —

“If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”—George Patton

Kick it!

What a bad year to need a quarterback.

There’s not a clear cut first-rounder among the top five prospects. If I had to take a quarterback, I’d roll the dice on Liberty’s Malik Willis. He has the most upside, and it’s a transcendent upside, but still a risk.

Next would be Ole Miss QB, Matt Corral…But Kenny Pickett (Pitt), Sam Howell (UNC–the first QB taken in PFF’s latest mock draft at #32), and Desmond Ridder (Cincy) all look like second, and third-round picks to me.

Free-agent quarterbacks? They’re all tomato cans. Do you want to dance with Andy Dalton, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tyrod Taylor, Jacoby Brissett? I’d sooner bring Steve DeBerg out of retirement.

You need a quarterback but don’t have a high draft pick? You have a high draft pick but don’t like what’s in the draft? Looking to go the free-agent route? Then be prepared to roll the dice again.

But if you’re going to roll it, roll it on Jameis Winston and Mitchell Trubisky. Both still generate optimism (a spark) that they could be something more.

You’re not going to give them big money. Winston is talented (big-armed & seemingly matured), and Trubisky went to the playoffs twice with the Chicago Bears. Do it because Teddy Bridgewater will not get you over troubled waters–or to a conference final.

Speaking of big money quarterbacks, Troy Aikman bolts Fox for ESPN. 

In the prime of their second career, I don’t know why anyone would leave CBS, NBC, or Fox for ESPN. Then again, when you’re looking at Fox’s roster of color analysts…I wouldn’t have paid big coin to keep Aikman.

Greg Olsen, Marc Sanchez, or Mark Schlereth bring so much more to a broadcast. There’s even talk of Sean Payton joining their booth. He’s got to be better than Aikman, who has mastered the “At this point in the game, five minutes to play and down by three, this field goal must be made” observation.

This will sound like a sick joke…but I prefer Joe Buck to Aikman. (I realize that statement may cost me my career.)

Talk of new overtime rules in the NFL screech of the fairness crowd. “It’s not fair. You should at least have to make a stop in overtime.”…Maybe if a defense makes a stop at a critical moment during regulation, overtime won’t be necessary.

I caught part of the Pelicans-Lakers last night…Gosh, did that suck. 

LeBron James and Trevor Ariza’s chirping with fans was a bad look. First bad for the fans to mouth off because there’s no need to mouth off directly. If they want to boo, jeer, hiss, they should, and the players need to take it. Just don’t verbally assault a player on the court–five feet away from him!

More than any other sport, the NBA elevates its players—because of the money they make—to a place where we think they’re all wise and mature. NBA players are talented, great entertainers, but they know no more of the real world than Joe Biden or any other career politician/movie star.

There’s this expectation that the NBA player has the emotional capacity to walk away. They don’t. Some do, most don’t. When you’ve been coddled and keister-smooched all your life, you do not have the emotional tools to just walk away.

…And bad scenes happen as a result.

Hearing a lot about Zion Williamson and words like immaturity, but what did everyone expect? When someone becomes financially set for life at 20, maturity doesn’t come with the package. It’s not in the wording of the contract. 

Maturity develops in the soul, but only if the soul is accountable somebody, some one, or some thing.

I will admit today is the first day I missed baseball. I love Spring Training, excellent fan experience, great places to eat in Phoenix, multiple games a day…plus the occasional apocalyptic weather—wind, sand, rain, lightning—keeping you on your toes.

I like tradition, I like complete games and 20-game winners, stolen bases, and pitchers batting for themselves…but that’s ka-boom! So, if tradition is gone, give me a shorter season and expanded playoffs.

And I’ll be happy.

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