Fanview: 1/19/22

By Joe Torosian —

“Okay, look. What if I took the Rams over the Cardinals? After the 49ers game, I didn’t know! So now, if I went with all the fanboys and Horns-Up crowd and the Rams win, everybody steps in to take credit. And there are no exclusive bragging rights for anybody; nobody wins. So I made a decision, went with the Cards, and it was wrong. It was a bad call, Ripley. It was a bad call.”—Carter J. Burke, Executive—Weyland-Yutani (Modified.)

Kick it!

Credit to the Rams. I deserve all the abuse I’ve received for going with the Cardinals on Monday night…but I’ve never been so happy to be proven wrong.

When you’ve got wine, you don’t need bread! (Meaning it is better to be wrong and have the Rams win, than to be right and have the Rams lose.)

I found it ironic that the Rams’ best defensive performance of the season occurred with Taylor Rapp out of the lineup. Please join me in wishing this young man a very careful and healthy recovery. Honestly, let’s not be selfish and rush him back. I think it would be good if he rested until OTAs this spring.

Loyal Fanview reader Nick Karavedas is salivating for my apology to Rams linebacker Troy Reeder. I’ve been rough on Reeder. I know he had the hit on Kyler Murray in the end zone and was wearing the green dot to relay the defensive calls. 

Again, it is being hailed as the Rams’ best defensive performance of the year.

I apologize.

But remember…Reeder is the Jared Cook of NFL linebackers. Cook taketh and Cook giveth away as a tight end. In coverage, Reeder gives back much of the good he does against the run. My advice is the advice I often give to young people: Don’t fall in love too quickly. Thank Reeder, for the time you’ve spent together…and ride on.

There are plenty of other inside linebackers in the ocean.

Move away from Reeder and check out Travin Howard, who is playing better by the week. With his size and movement, he might be the key to matching up with Rob Gronkowski this coming Sunday.

Setting aside that a torn Achilles tendon is no longer career-ending…

That it no longer takes a year to heal…

That it’s no longer a guaranteed season-ender…

And now looks like an injury with a six-month recovery time…Setting all that aside, let’s see Cam Akers for what he is. 

Akers is a running-back with feature-back talent, and now he’s playing in January with fresh legs. Sometimes hallelujah, sometimes praise the Lord!

This is a huge deal. Darrell Henderson did a fantastic job but seemed to lack explosion. He’s the modern version of Sammy Winder (see Denver RBs 1980s). Sony Michel has been great, but he averaged 21 carries over the last six regular-season games. He’s not built for that.

While the Rams offensive line has regressed (guards Dave Edwards & Austin Corbett), it can still open holes, and Akers has the spring in his legs to hit that hole faster.

And speaking of fresh legs, what happened to Kyler Murray’s legs? He only ran the ball twice. Was he banged up? Arizona went 1-6 down the stretch (and only 3-6 after their bye week in 2020 & 2-7 down the stretch in 2019). Do we see a trend?

Question, while being extremely talented, does Murray strike you as the charismatic/passionate personality a team needs in their quarterback? I don’t like his body language. 

“What do you know, Joe?”

Maybe I don’t know body language, but I know what a combined 6-19 looks like over the last three seasons. It’s paving the road for a one-way ticket to Munsonville.

Last Add Cardinals: They gave up on the run way too early. Credit the Rams defense. But if James Conner was healthy enough to suit up and healthy enough to play, why does he not enter the game until the Cards’ fifth possession? Were they saving him for something?

The weakest link on the Rams offense right now are the guards—and it’s only a slight weakness.

Defensively they don’t have a glaring weakness against Tampa Bay. If Leonard Fournette is healthy, that could be a problem. If Rapp suits up against a team quarterbacked by Tom Brady, that could make things iffy.

I’ll talk more about it on Friday, but I like the Rams over the Buccaneers.

Speaking of the Cardinals, you know their only win down the stretch was against the paper-Cowboys. And that’s just what Dallas was. 

They’re the Fredo Corleone of division champions. Weak because they got the snot beat out of them by the 49ers at home. Stupid because they ran a quarterback draw with zero timeouts and only 14-seconds left in the game.

Who does that?

“The middle of the field was wide open?”

With 14-seconds left, if the middle of the field is wide open, it’s because the defense wants you to attack the middle of the field. And if they’re only 14 ticks left on the clock, why not hit a receiver on a crossing pattern to get yourself into possession and save a little time?

Or…with only 14 seconds left and the ball at the Frisco 41, why not take three shots to the end zone instead of hoping to get one shot from 25?

Tangent Dreams

Tangent Dreams: A High School Football Novel (Available thru Amazon–click on pic)

Dallas was/is weak and stupid.

No Alcohol Was Consumed In The Making of This Crisis:

The Cowboys lose, and trash comes out of the stands.

Maybe it was going toward the players, maybe toward the referees, and Dak Prescott—obviously upset, frustrated, tired, wounded between the ears—says that throwing trash at the refs is a good idea.

Not the best thing to say, but it’s not like he was advocating for dead puppies.

Everyone gets mad…and then Prescott doubles down on his mistake. No, he didn’t come back out and say, “Continue throw garbage at the refs!” 

In today’s America, in this culture, in this social media climate he did something far worse. He foolishly apologized.

And when he apologized, the criticism by the media was he didn’t apologize soon enough. Colin Cowherd (the most talented voice on radio) found a way to compare him to and bag on Donald Trump.

The lesson to me is think before you talk…but never apologize. Because when you do, The Mob will stick their knives in deeper—and twist.

So the media jumps to the “the fans are stupid” generalization. The fans are nothing but proles and need to be cared for. Does that sound familiar? Kind of like sending you voting ballots that you didn’t request because you’re too stupid to make arrangements on election day. (Wink)

They, the media, declare Prescott’s comments as inflammatory and dangerous while never mentioning the most common, common denominator in all fan controversies inside a stadium.


People can drink, I’m not calling for prohibition, but nothing lowers an IQ faster than brewski after brewski after brewski. But if people aren’t sauced or stewed—if they’re not drowning in multiple bowls of loudmouth soup—they won’t throw crap at players or officials.

And they won’t be emulating the Jets & Sharks on the concourses of SoFi.

The “Ministry of Truth” always seems to win.

Temple City & The Company of The Ages

Temple City & The Company of The Ages (available thru Amazon. Click on pic)

The Dude abides…
2 Corinthians 10:5

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