Fanview: October 25, 2021

By Joe Torosian —

“Instead of being my deliverance, she had a strange resemblance 
to a cat named Frankenstein…”—Sam Cooke

Kick it!

Fanview got interrupted by the Rams dealing Kenny Young to Denver for a future draft pick.

The weakest links on the defense this season have been the inside/cover linebackers. They just don’t grade out well. The Rams have gotten solid clicks out of Young and Troy Reeder. But up top—in the office—they obviously felt they needed to make a move.

Young had more market value, so they moved him. Reeder, likable, is a good backup player who’s getting exposed as a starter.

Until the next boot drops, we have to assume Ernest Jones (3rd Rd. 104th overall) can’t do any worse and will step into the starting role. Keep an eye on Travin Howard (7th Rd. 231st overall), slated to be a starter heading into last season before tearing up his knee. In 2021 he’s been—almost exclusively—a special teamer.

It’ll be interesting. As much as the Young deal appears as a head-scratcher, Les Snead’s office has a history of getting clicks out of low-profile talents. Just look at the roster. So they’ve earned a little rope, a little slack until we see how this plays out.


Remember when the Rams traded two number one picks for Jalen Ramsey? Everyone thought it was way too much. And it would be for any cornerback not named Jalen Ramsey. Knowing what we know now…if Jacksonville wanted a second or third-rounder to sweeten the deal, I’d have given it to them.

As much as everyone wants to say they weren’t worried, Ramsey’s pick in the end zone saved the day. Detroit could have won. And everyone would be talking about the Rams instead of the Chiefs…Whew!

And if you know anything about football, the Rams gave Detroit two number one picks to take Jared Goff (and his contract)…Matthew Stafford didn’t cost two number ones. But seeing him up close through the first seven weeks of this season—if the the Lions wanted a third first-rounder, I’d say here you go.

Stafford’s been amazing. Love his arm, but what I love best is he doesn’t melt.

The Rams’ play-calling bugged me. Forty-one passes to 17-runs. There were stretches when they completely abandoned the run and put it all on Stafford’s shoulders.

Stafford pulled it off—awesome—but at the end of the third and beginning of the fourth, he was put into a 3rd-&-12 and a 3rd-&-10 situation with his team trailing 19-17. If he doesn’t make those throws—that ultimately lead to Cooper Kupp’s second touchdown—the outcome changes. And we’re not talking about the Chiefs on Monday.

Because the defense couldn’t stop the run…On third down!…With 11-yards to go!… And got beat on a draw play! (Maybe this is why Kenny Young got sent to Denver?)

Rams fans can shout, “We’re 6-1! Horns Up!” all they want, but when the defense plays a team that isn’t 0-6, what’s going to happen?

What’s going to happen when they play Tennessee?

If this was one of those games that you have to have to stay on the road to the Super Bowl—Great! Mission accomplished. My only problem is I thought the Rams already had one of those games when Arizona smoked them.

And the LA starters had to stay on the field for four quarters when they could have had a light workout. This three-week schedule of the Giants, Lions, and Texans—on this side of the bye—was an absolute gift to keep this team fresh for the back half of the schedule.

Gutsy call by the Lions on the onside kick, but after Joe DeCamillis (Rams, Special Teams Coordinator) should have been able to figure out an 0-6 team with nothing to lose is going to pull out all the stops.

Torched once on special teams—onside kick—shame on you.
Torched twice on special teams—fake punt pass—shame on me.
Torched three times on special teams—Fake punt run—and someone’s job needs to be on the line.

…Or be forced to spend a night in the box.

Is there a worst play in the NFL than trying to sell Jared Goff on an RPO? I can hear defenders shouting, “Please, Jared run the ball!” Or “Please, Jared throw the ball!”

It was a good start for the former Rams QB, but eventually—because it had to—Goffality set in.

Last Add Rams: You know who else is really good when he gets a chance? Robert Woods.

The Lions have some players that could help another team down the stretch–Safety Tracy Walker and defensive tackle Nick Williams. (Chargers? They do need to make a move.)

What are the Kansas City Chiefs going to do? They got problems. On a day they hold Derek Henry to 86-yds rushing (3-per crack), they still get dominated? They rebuilt the offensive line during the off-season, but now it’s time to rebuild the defense.

And… it’s time for a voice other than Andy Reid’s to be in Patrick Mahomes’ ear–because we all need accountability. Also, because of salary cap issues, Pat needs to think long-term (22-rocks this year, 29 in 2022, 40 in 2023) about how much money he needs and what the organization can put around him.

During the Sunday night game, if any quarterback struggled, I thought it would have been the one who plays inside rather than the one who plays outside.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen another head coach have such an influence on a quarterback the way Indy’s Frank Reich does on Carson Wentz. The Colts’ season should have ended after blowing that game in Baltimore, but it didn’t.

Wentz looks like a modern day—more talented version of—Joe Kapp. Far from perfect, but likely loved by his teammates, and full of grit.

Cincy looks something close to real, and Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson looks a little more mortal this morning. The only thing that worries me about the Bengals—because they are the Bengals—aren’t they do for a serious knee injury? I mean, it always happens—doesn’t it?

Just saw the NBA’s Top 75 all-time…Anthony Davis? Unless the former USC tailback slipped into the league somewhere, I don’t know who this Anthony Davis is.

The Dude abides…
2 Corinthians 10:5

Tangent Dreams

Tangent Dreams

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2 Responses to Fanview: October 25, 2021

  1. Dale says:

    Can’t say there’s much to disagree with here.

    I would add to the Ramsey pick that AD made it possible by the hit on Goff – the pass had nothing on it. That said, Ramsey has been playing lights out, and getting him was a steal no matter the cost. High picks are still flyers, to a certain extent – look at Goff, Wentz (though if the Rams had picked Wentz, I think the story on both would be very different). Tom Brady was the 199th pick in his draft. Trubisky was number 2. Lots of examples of early round busts and late round wins. The Rams seem to be better at the latter, and at picking up discards and making them work.

    I am also in agreement about the run defense. The Tennessee game will tell us a lot. Once these soft games are done, we have a tough schedule. We need to tighten up on defense. The bend-don’t-break philosophy won’t cut it against the Bucs twice. And Rodgers shows how you beat a superior team (on paper anyway) – death by a thousand cuts. I now worry Aaron would slice up our D. Great QBs will take what the D gives them and make very few mistakes. Stafford will keep things close, but we score so fast that it doesn’t give the D much time to rest.

    And LOL to “Goffality set in”.

    It’s going to take a number of breaks for us to win it all. I don’t like relying on breaks. Guys like Brady and Rodgers make their own breaks.

    I only recently discovered your writing, Joe, but I really enjoy it. I will keep reading.

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