Fanview: May 21, 2021

Joe T.’s for anything that drives people crazy.

By Joe Torosian —

“I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.”—James Baldwin —

Kick it!

I don’t click on very many social media links. Local sports, people I know, yeah, I click when interested. National media links? I just don’t. The headline pops up, and I scroll on.

However, based on the links I’ve seen posted, I would have thought Tim Tebow was the guy with 22 sexual assault allegations against him. I would have thought Tebow was the guy who pistol-whipped that LYFT driver in South El Monte. I would have thought Tebow was the preacher in the white suit declaring the Lord would call him home if he didn’t raise millions for a new private jet—to replace his current private jet.

Then I saw another headline and figured it out. Tebow had the audacity to sign a next to nothing (in professional terms) contract with Jacksonville Jaguars. OMG! What a horrible man! Tax audit this guy!

Doesn’t he understand he’s taking away the opportunity for someone else to make or stay in the NFL?

Then, again, that’s what every player drafted or undrafted going to an NFL camp is trying to do.

Doesn’t Urban Meyer realize he’s going to upset the locker room by bringing in Tebow?

Is there anything wrong, or should anyone give a rat’s keister what a 1-15 locker room thinks? If your part of a 1-15 locker room, your career has bigger problems than Tebow. (Hello, Spring Football!)

What Tebow’s return to the NFL proves is that TDS is a very real thing.

Tebow Derangement Syndrome exists. Because the national media and the Twitter mob hate a guy who isn’t stealing millions in the name of God. They hate a guy who isn’t accused of pistol-whipping a LYFT driver. And they hate a guy who is not accused of sexually assaulting 22 different women.

TDS is as real as COVID. But the genesis (uh-oh, I got Biblical) of that hate is because Tebow shines in terms of his faith. And that shine that comes by just living his life—somehow—is threatening. Tebow successfully combats the national media/Twitter mob narrative that (white) Christians are loons, out of touch, and, of course, racists.

It’s also an example of Pagan Privilege.

Pagan Privilege is what allows the freedom to hate on Tim Tebow. Pagan Privilege is the green light to accuse, say, challenge, deride anybody who lives the Christian faith to the degree it should be lived.

And I think it’s marvelous.

Because if Tebow does find success as a tight-end in the NFL, he’s going to drive everybody bat-crud crazy. And that’s a show worth watching.

Going back to his college days…I was always indifferent about Tebow. I didn’t care about him. But when the hatred went beyond his horrific manner in delivering a football. I began rooting for him.

And I’m rooting for him now. In fact, I hope–without injury to Trevor Lawrence–Tebow’s forced to spot start at quarterback and win some games.

Jubilee Dunbar! If you thought the pandemonium and panic for toilet paper a year ago was bad, what happens if that happens? What happens if he becomes a Fantasy darling at tight-end, wins a few games under center, or becomes a viable two-point option for the Jags?

Just basing it on what we see now, I’m sure Nancy Pelosi will seek articles of impeachment.

The national media/Twitter mob literally made me a Tebow fan. And they may be too ignorant to realize it because of a bloated sense of self-importance, but they are making more and more Tebow fans by every link and headline they post.

It’s awesome.

Perhaps it’s even worthy of a, Hallelujah!

Final Note: I love writing Fanview…

The Dude abides…
2 Corinthians 10:5

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