Fanview: April 29, 2021


By Joe Torosian —

“A love like ours will never fade away. You know it’s only just begun…”—Maxine Nightengale

Kick it!

Is Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields being discriminated against?

Yes! It’s obvious…

…And it’s because of the Northwestern game. I know Fields has a larger body of work and played well in the playoffs, but that Northwestern game—for me—is difficult to cleanse from my optical pallet.

In Regards:
Was sorry to hear about the passing of legendary Oakland Raiders’ safety Mike Davis. I know many will cite the pick he had that cold day in Cleveland…But I believe his ninth-inning walk against Dennis Eckersley in Game One of the 1988 World Series is one of the most under-appreciated moments in sports history.

The Farmer John Dodger Dogs are something I never eat outside the confines of Chavez Ravine. Even grilled and smothered with onions and mustard, they’re worse than prison food—at least that’s what I’m told.

But a Dodger Dog—by Farmer John—is like a baseball act of communion. You’re not eating it for either taste or health, but to reconnect on the historical timeline with everyone who came before you. A Dodger Dog put you in the stadium the night Sandy Koufax threw a perfect game against the Chicago Cubs. A Dodger Dog puts you in the Ravine during Fernandomania.

Are Dodger Dogs healthy? No! Necessary? Yes! (Even when you hate the Dodgers)

And in a sport where history matters the most, the Dodger Dog will be no more. 

I’m sure there will be a plant-based option wrapped in Romaine very soon.

Next Add Quarterbacks & NFL Draft:
I want a decision-maker at quarterback. Now it would be nice to have a decision-maker who is an athlete, but as long as the quarterback moves better than Jared Goff and is a great decision-maker—I’ll take the decision-maker.

I own a Masters in quarterbacks standing 5-7 to 5-9 with D-3 arms. Covered them for 21 years, over a thousand games, and the difference was—same size, same talent, same arm—the decision-maker.

“I understand NBA players getting nicked up, but not suiting up for a game of this magnitude is beyond me.”—Phoenix Suns commentator Eddie Johnson on NBA players sitting out essential games. 

I don’t buy any narrative about NBA players (pro athletes in general) being tired. I buy lazy, pampered, and forgetful of the work they put in to get to this level. Also, there’s the issue of the fans—the people who buy tickets.

Can you imagine paying for an NBA game, paying for the parking, paying for concessions…and then find out the star or multiple stars are sitting out the contest because it’s a back-to-back, or they have to travel the next day? That’s like going to see “Rochelle, Rochelle: The Musical” without Bette Midler.

Last Add College Football:
I love the idea of a possible 12-team playoff. I love the idea of a top four powerhouse having to study and prepare for a team they’ve yet to play or see on the field.

I can understand why some hate it…It would be more challenging to rig for the SEC.

First Add NFL:
Speaking of player fatigue and sitting out contests…Going from 16 to 17 games is boneheaded… It’s another paycheck for owners and players and likely a shafting of the fan who will pay top dollar to see an all-pro player stand on the sideline.

I don’t like it!

Last Add NFL Draft:
I was on the road and caught Colin Cowherd’s show. I heard him bagging on Alabama’s Mac Jones, and I thought I was in a time-warp. It was a dozen years ago, and I was hearing him sound off on Aaron Rodgers. Every day he searched and searched for a reason to say Rodgers wasn’t any good.

When Tim Tebow turned around a 1-4 Denver Broncos team and got them in the playoffs–and a first-round win over Pittsburgh–every Monday, Cowherd came on the air to tell us how much Tebow sucked and would fail the following week…and the week after that…and the week after that.

I’m not emotionally invested in Mac Jones. I hope he does well, but I wouldn’t draft him third overall. And as long as it occurs outside of the NFC West, I’d love to see him have a Hall of Fame career.

On the other hand, to hear Cowherd talk about Kyler Murray, you’d think the kid already has two Super Bowls under his belt.

Last Add Cowherd & Cronies:
I will always declare Cowherd’s talent…but he and his crony Nick Wright are positively Orwellian when they review history. A recent example being their slamming of Dr. J.’s (Aka; Julius Erving) naming of his all-time NBA teams.

I understand the average sportsfan’s knowledge extends no further than a list of the best sports bar…but Cowherd & Co. should at least respect that there are enough of us out here who know something about sports–and its history.

And that is the great disconnect of our time…The perpetual pandering down to the lowest level in the assumption that all will accept and consume/digest what is given.

The Dude abides…
1 John 3:23

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