Fanview: April 19, 2021


By Joe Torosian —

“You’ll wake up tomorrow and wrestle the sorrow
That holds you down today…”—Melissa Etheridge

Kick it!

Call me crazy, but when I hear: “Quarterback,” “BYU,” and “Wilson” all in the same description before an NFL Draft…I get a little nervous.

So if I were a New York Jets fan, I’d be in full panic drafting Zach Wilson, quarterback, out of BYU. If you don’t know where I’m going on this, find an authentic Raider fan with some gray in her beard, and they’ll tell you.

I’ve enjoyed the Mac Jones rollercoaster, and I’ve settled it for myself. If I’m New England and draft Jones at 15-overall and miss…hey, I took a swing and tried. No harm-no foul-no blood-no ambulance…

If I traded up to draft Jones at 3-overall and miss…well, then I’m freshening up my resume and realizing my next decision will be either Uber or Lyft.

I like Mac Jones more than I should because talking-heads told me Josh Rosen was “can’t miss.” These were the same people telling me Tua Tagovailoa was the next Drew Brees. So I hope Jones becomes a perennial all-pro in a division other than the NFC West.

I’m also not sold on Ohio State’s Justin Fields. Granted, I didn’t see him play a lot…but I did see him play against Northwestern. Oh, for the days of Stanley Jackson. 

After Trevor Lawrence, the only other quarterback I feel totally cool having a dance with is Trey Lance.

I mean, outside of the name “Joe,” give me a better name for a quarterback? Maybe, “Touchdown Lance,” but I still think Trey is pretty good.

I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks. Just busy with death, travel, death, and a wife with a broken leg. Plus, the Mets constantly seemed to get either canceled for COVID or postponed because of rain.

The first week was unintentional, but the second week I was intentional in avoiding sports. Just to see if I could. Just to see if I would burn for it, burn for a conversation, and crave all my favorite podcasts.

In these two weeks, I continued to read two very long (textbook-like) books, I listened to three others, kept working on my latest book, and started watching some Hell’s Kitchen.

A couple of people talked to me about football. I was tagged in a few baseball conversations. And there wasn’t a single word said to me, a link I was tagged in, or a conversation to be had about the NBA or NHL.

Life went on. My love for sports used to be deathless. But I think these days I love football…I love the Mets…and everything else—at best—I like.

With the NFL Draft looming, the Dodgers and Padres calling each other names, and the traffic to my website slowing down—-it was time to get back on the horse.

I go to one of the top sports podcasts in the country—number one in my cue…and the dude behind the microphone is bagging on Donald Trump. Five months after the election, close to two months after the inauguration, and one of the top sports podcasts spends an entire segment talking about Trump.

Two thoughts came to mind: Talented (very talented), but lazy…and somewhat whorish…I mean, who was this guy trying to impress?

I went to the next sports podcast in my cue—another of the USA’s top sports podcasts, and the second segment is spent in discussion about pets… Pets!

Two thoughts came to mind: Talented (very talented) but lazy.

So I go to my favorite Los Angeles Rams podcast. And you know what this guy talked about without a guest? He didn’t talk politics, pets, supermodels, climate change, social justice, diversity, or getting more women in sports–nope. The Los Angeles Rams podcast that I listened to did this bizarre thing…They talked about the Los Angeles Rams.

Two thoughts came to mind: Maybe not the most dynamic talent behind the microphone, but this guy made discussion about the Rams draft picks—beginning at 57-overall—incredibly interesting and engaging.

Conclusion: Why is nobody watching the NBA? Why is there zero discussion nationally about the MLB or NHL?

It’s because nobody talks about sports anymore. Everybody’s a genius, and everybody has to feel important—so work ethic goes right out the window.

…Along with interest and ratings.

The Dude abides…
1 John 3:16

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