Fanview: February 12, 2021


By Joe Torosian

“Nothing like a farm. Nothing like being around animals, fixing things. There’s nothing like being in the field with the corn and the winter wheat. The greenest stuff you ever saw.”—Roy Hobbs

Kick it!

So J.J. Watt is available? Do you want J.J. Watt? I don’t want J.J. Watt unless I can get him at a Morgan Fox price. Which means I don’t want to pay anything for him.

Yeah, he’s a good guy…Great, give him big money to work in your front office…but I only want him on my roster if he’s making the league minimum.

Now, if we’re talking value in talent versus dollars…

And looking for a used quarterback to kick the proverbial tires on, then give Jameis Winston a once over. 

Why? He’s still enormously talented with very few miles, and after 2020 may have a better sense of his actual value and be ready to mature. Think about this, the team Winston guided to a 7-9 record in 2019 is now a Super Bowl champion. He’s been forced to reckon that his highest baseline is 7-9. That should sober up any athlete.

Second, Winston has spent a year with the New Orleans Saints. I hate the Saints, but they’re a model organization. He had an entire year to watch how Drew Brees handled his business. And was humbled all the more, as the Saints went with Taysom Hill after Brees went down with an injury.

Is Winston still a gamble? Absolutely, but he’s cheap…and he’s had a year in football rehab to learn his real worth and the right way to go about his profession.

It’s not my money, but I’d definitely take Winston off the lot for a test-drive.

The Las Vegas Raiders dealing Marcus Mariota to the New England Patriots has some steam. Is Mariota an improvement over Cam Newton? 

Yes. A thousand percent.

The Patriots are dreaming, though, if they think Mariota is anything more than a very short-term stopgap. The book’s out on him. I’ll keep it positive and declare Mariota a Cadillac…a higher-end Mariota would be Lamar Jackson. Jackson’s a Rolls Royce. But neither a Cadillac nor a Rolls can be taken off-road.

When the pocket’s collapsing and the first read isn’t there, that’s when you need an off-road vehicle at quarterback. Jackson is improving. Mariota is what he is. A good change of pace backup quarterback who will be exposed as a full-time starter.

Everyone is so sure the Houston Texans are setting themselves up for a 2-14 season in 2021… I’m starting to feel some sympathy for them.

Note to Loyal Fanview Readers: I’ve moved the NBA Round-Up at the bottom of this column to its own category/menu button. I still intend to watch all the NBA I can this season, but the analytics say no one cares. 

I won’t be doing an NHL button because I don’t have access to much NHL action. Outside of Loyal Fanview Readers Jim “His Arroyo Baldness” Singiser, Marc Paramo, and Eric Elias…no one else I know talks, complains, or curses about hockey like these three.

Learned Something About Myself Department: 
I’ve always been anti-Designated Hitter in the National League and felt the American League was a bit boring because of the DH. But…Seeing how the New York Mets roster shakes out for 2021, I really wanted the DH in the National League.

…And I feel somewhat ashamed. (Hello, sellout)

While I may have wanted the DH in the National League, I don’t want Kris Bryant or Justin Turner. As a Mets fan. I’m good with J.D. Davis.

BTW: I’d also like a Jake Arrietta at the back of the rotation.

The Dude abides…
1 Corinthians 6:9-11

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