The Urena Express: 2/10/21

Steven Urena

By Steven Urena

“Huge splash. Anybody within shouting distance would’ve gotten completely soaked. And people pay for that. I need you to make a splash, Sonny.”—Browns owner Anthony Molina to GM Sonny Weaver Jr. in the movie Draft Day.

People pay to get wet, and boy, are the San Diego Padres making a splash!  

Fernando Tatis Jr., Blake Snell, Yu Darvish, Manny Machado, and the list goes on! The 2020 team was more pretender than contender, but now the Padres seem poised to make a run in 2021. The addition of Mike Clevinger in 2022 will only strengthen an already deep starting rotation. You must tip your cap to the Padres’ front office. Consequences be damned, they are World Series or bust!

Allow me to play devil’s advocate for a minute.  

Is a 34 year old (35 in August) and injury-prone Yu Darvish going to hold up over a 162 game season plus an extra month of playoffs? Do Padre fans really think Blake Snell will pitch every game like he did against the Dodgers in the World Series? One can’t deny, these are great moves but not an automatic trip to the World Series.

Baltimore and Los Angeles fans have seen the best and worst of Manny Machado. His intoxication with himself, lack of hustle, and dirty plays can ruin team chemistry. San Diego can have him. Tatis is electric. The kids got some things to learn, but his potential is through the roof. If he can stay consistent all year, he’s ready to make a run at MVP.

The 2021 Padres are scary, but some questions still remain. Can their power arms make a heroic October run? Will the Padres be Slam Diego all season, or will the October door slam in their face again? Tune in. The Padres will be entertaining.  

Does anyone else feel like the high elevation got to the Rockies? I cannot see the angle here. Sure, you got some prospects, and you saved some money, but you gave away your franchise player! After Trevor leaves next year, the Story is finished! Here comes the official rebuild. Seems like the Rockies just can’t seem to get over the hump…or, in this case, the mountain.

Francisco Lindor finds a new home in the Big Apple, and the Mets got a great player. There’s a lot to like about this young man. He’s definitely someone you can build around.

Doesn’t it feel like when teams are strapped for cash and dump their superstar for prospects, they seldom get the better of the deal? In baseball, I like the sure thing. Prospects don’t always pan out.

The MLB and player’s union have butted heads for much of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The season will resume on time, with a 162 game schedule: no expanded playoffs, no excuses, no Cinderella stories, no problem. Two of the changes are 7 inning double headers and starting extra innings with a man on second. I like the 7 inning double-headers. Games will be shorter and potentially more exciting. This will also help with rescheduling in case of COVID-19 infection. I’m not a fan of starting an inning with a runner on second. However, I understand the player’s union’s desire to save arms.

It looks as though the National League will not use the DH this year. The DH needs to be used in both leagues. The game is changing, and so are it’s fans. I understand there’s valid arguments for not adding 15 extra jobs to the NL, but, at this point, it just seems inevitable. Why not move forward with it this year?

Speaking of making a splash, how about them Dodgers?! Signing Trevor Bauer just about changed everything in the NL West and MLB. The Dodgers were the best team in baseball before Bauer. With Bauer, the Dodgers look to add a few more rings to their collection.

What’s going on with the Angels down in Anaheim? Nothing too exciting except for Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani. Ohtani and Trout are worth the price of admission. Ohtani just signed for two years and $8.5M. The problem is his health. When healthy, he throws 100 mph and hits balls into orbit. Trout is the best player in Major League Baseball. If he stays healthy the next 10 years, he will be the best baseball player of all time. PERIOD.


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