Fanview: February 6, 2021


“The game is my wife. It demands loyalty and responsibility, and it gives me back fulfillment and peace.”—Michael Jordan

Kick it!

You have to believe, at some point, the effects of the fall of man will come upon Tom Brady. At some point, he’s going to start to age or at least begin to show his age, right?

But it hasn’t happened this season. And every day I’ve woken since the NFC Championship game, I’ve believed Tampa Bay and Tom Ten-Brady will win the Super Bowl.

I’ll have fun and say, Buccaneers 30, Chiefs 28 because that’s what the vibe tells me. 

And to stick it to Loyal Fanview Reader Jim “His Arroyo Baldness” Singiser,  a KC fanboy, I’ll say Kansas City kicker Harrison Butker misses a critical 35-yard field goal late or pushes a PAT wide right.

There’s a certainty for me that Ten-Brady will not lose this game. The Chiefs aren’t bad. They’ll play well, they’ll be back to the Super Bowl…But this is Tampa Bay’s shot, and they’re going to—pardon the cliche—stick the landing.

I’m also favoring the Bucs because the Chiefs are banged up on the offensive line, and Tampa DC Todd Bowles is getting another crack at them. 

The Buccaneers win, 30-28. It won’t be an upset, and I will be impossible to be around for all of 2021.


Loyal Fanview Reader Marc Paramo’s Super Bowl Sunday Brisket Recipe.

(The following is cooked in the Big Green Egg purchased by Mr. Paramo)

Straight from the hand of Coach Paramo:

“I bought a prime brisket that is 16-lbs. I use mustard as a binder and a simple rub of kosher salt, pepper, and paprika. I cook it low and slow at anywhere from 225-250. I use Post Oak Wood.

After 2.5 hours, I’ll start spritzing the brisket with apple juice, apple cider vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce. Once the internal temp hits around 150, I’ll wrap it and let it go until it gets to 195-200.”


Joe T.’s Super Bowl Menu: It looks like fat-free Currie lentil soup. Does that speak football or what?


MLB Notes & Questions:
I wanted Trevor Bauer for the New York Mets. Even though I’ve never been crazy about Bauer, I was looking for a good pitcher and a thorn to stick in the flesh of Dodgers fans.

Even now, it’s hard to contemplate money not being an issue for the Mets. But Bauer’s contract—and its possibilities—brought me relief New York didn’t sign him.

I wanted him, but I’m okay with him going to Chavez Ravine.

I think the Dodgers are going to need Bauer. 

Clayton Kershaw is another season closer to residence at Del Boca Vista Phase IV in Florida. David Price has always been a coin toss, and the jury is out on Dustin May and Tony Gonsolin–in terms of a full MLB season.


Angels fans, any emotion over Andrelton Simmons signing with the Minnesota Twins? All I hear is Max Mercy saying, “They come, and they go, Hobbs. They come, and they go.”

Given what the Dodgers and Atlanta Braves have, what the Mets and San Diego Padres have done…and the work put in by the Washington Nationals this offseason… Nolan Arenado or no Nolan Arenado, I don’t think the St. Louis Cardinals are any more of a threat than they were at the end of 2020.

Questions for Steven Urena & “The Urena Express”—
Question 1: When you look at the Dodgers (in full understanding that they are loaded), is there a spot that concerns you? 

Question 2: I expected Gavin Lux to breakthrough in 2020, but if he doesn’t break through in 2021, what will your thoughts be?


I write about Jahmai Jones (Fanview: Jan. 28), and five days later, the Angels trade him to the Baltimore Orioles for right-hander Alex Cobb.

The Dodgers get Bauer, the Angels get Cobb…It must be depressing to be an Angels fan. Are there any still left out there? And tell me, why shouldn’t Mike Trout want to move on.


Oh, They’re Still Playing?
(When you scan the transactions list and see a familiar name and think… “Oh, they’re still playing?”)

Boston Red Sox sign: Garrett Richards
Toronto Blue Jays sign: Francisco Liriano
Baltimore Orioles sign: “King” Felix Hernandez
Houston Astros sign: Steven Souza Jr.
Oakland Athletics sign: Former Angels catching prospect Carlos Perez (now 30).


(Feb. 5)
Boston at Clippers: Celtics win—119-115
Celtics (12-9) without Jalen Brown and Markus Smart, the Clippers (17-7) were without Paul George and Patrick Beverly. LA was up early and folded in the second half.

(Feb. 4)
Golden State at Dallas: Warriors win—147-116
The Mavericks (9-14) led at half 76-74. Due to injuries, the Warriors (12-10) didn’t start a player over 6-7…Dallas center Kristnaps Porzingas is 7-3. The Mavs didn’t post up Porzingas in the paint until eight minutes remained in the first half.

Golden State moved the ball beautifully. Given the size differential between the teams, Dallas shot 29-threes alone in the first half. The NBA average for a game is 32.

“Stupid blank basketball.”— Charles Barkley

NBA Games Seen: 59
Trail Blazers:3 

The Dude abides…
1 Corinthians 6:3

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