Fanview: February 4, 2021


“Sweep the slate clean, that Zion may be established.”―Nibley, Hugh

Kick it!

I’m going to say something I never thought I would…But you need to watch Zion Williamson (28/7/6 last night) play basketball. I heard about the New Orleans Pelicans’ forward when he was at Duke. I heard people talking about him…and as I’m prone to do—when told “I must,” or “You have to,”—I ignored it all.

Talking NBA so high up in the column can crush the day’s analytics, but Zion’s a pleasure to watch. His play brings hope.


Is anyone tired of hearing about Deshaun Watson wanting out of Houston? I get him wanting out, and I’m for a player wanting out because time keeps ticking and athletes—even Tom Ten-Brady—keep depreciating. A career is very finite, and not all organizations are equal.

But Watson’s got a huge contract (I believe he got 73-bills upfront/correct me if wrong)…If he really wants out, and money’s not the issue, then he needs to let the world know the contract can be renegotiated into a team-friendly deal.

It’s his money, I agree…but he shouldn’t expect to keep the assets of the contract while concurrently wanting out of the said contract. Declaring you won’t play, which is an intention to not honor it, does not work. 

But a renegotiated contract–or a willingness to renegotiate–brings more teams into the discussion and a potential deal into the more reasonable range of, say, a pair of number ones…and not the rights to anyone’s first-born.


Another refrain getting tiresome in sports is the push (selling, not informing) about all the great work athletes do in the community. At one time, it meant something. Now—unless it’s Ray Rice, Lance Armstrong, or some other irredeemable soul—everyone appears to be working in the community.

Because it’s selling and not informing, it brings me back to the news blurbs of Hollywood elites serving Thanksgiving meals to the homeless downtown. 

And they do it once a year! Wow!

By and large, the “great work in the community” comes across as a resume enhancer—the equivalent of a Pharisee standing on the corner declaring his righteousness.

I don’t care…There are thousands of folks doing great work in the community every hour of every day. Visit my small church, and I’ll introduce you to some of them. 

It’s good they do it…but I don’t need to hear about it.

Also, a team full of Walter Payton “Man of The Year” award winners means nothing to me. As long as they don’t beat their wives, kids, abuse their parents, deal drugs, traffic humanity, or commit murder, I don’t care what they do.

They can lavish their riches on wine, women, and song or spend it all in Vegas. What I want is for them to be ready to go on Sunday. So I don’t care if they’re all douchebags, snarl at reporters, refuse to give autographs, or do PSA’s for kids to stay in school…I just want them to play well and love their families. 


Super Bowl (As of Now) Final: Buccaneers 30, Chiefs 28
I expected to change my view by now, but I wake up with two thoughts every day: one, the injuries on the Chiefs offensive line. And two, Harrison Butker is the kicker for KC.

Add that to Tom Ten-Brady with a full complement of receivers. And a feeling that the cosmic tumblers of the universe might be setting up Patrick Mahomes for a gentle humbling…

I’m dancing with the Bucs.

I appreciate Andy Reid, but I’m feeling a little uncomfortable with the building momentum to declare him the greatest HC of all-time.


Click on mañana for info about the Rams and Loyal Fanview Reader, Marc Paramo’s Super Bowl Sunday Brisket Recipe.


(Feb. 3)
Phoenix at New Orleans: Pelicans win—123-101
Pelicans (8-12), led by Zion Williamson, jumped to an early lead and cruised to a comfortable win over the Suns (11-9). I’m not a fan of anything New Orleans, but I can see how people are beginning to get optimistic about this team. As with Phoenix, it all boils down to experience and how fast they can go from young to mature. 

Have I mentioned Zion Williamson lately?

Indiana at Milwaukee: Bucks win—130-110
Bucks (13-8) led from start to finish in a rout of the Pacers (12-10). Nothing spectacular. “Garbage Time” began halfway through the third quarter and carried on through the fourth. I no longer trust Milwaukee.

(Feb. 2)
Clippers at Brooklyn: Nets win—124-120
The Nets (14-9) had all of their Big 3—James Harden, Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving—and still gave up 120 points and needed the Clippers to play poorly to get the win.

The Clippers (16-6) are good but looked like a team that’s been on the road for a while. When it comes to Brooklyn, you have to ask—Will they play defense? Do you trust Durant’s health? Do you trust Irving’s commitment? 

Boston at Golden State: Celtcis win—111-107
When I think of the Celtics-Warriors, I think of Red Auerbach convincing the Warriors (11-10) to send Robert Parrish and a first-round pick (Kevin McHale) to the Celtics (11-8) for the first overall pick to take Joe Barry Carroll.

Boston has the talent to beat anybody, but they still play young and make young mistakes. Golden State doesn’t have enough, even with Steph Curry leading all scorers with 38 points.

NBA Games Seen: 57
Trail Blazers:3 

The Dude abides…
1 Corinthians 5:9-11

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