Fanview: January 26, 2021


“I haven’t missed the Series in years. Even in the cooler. When I’m in the cooler, they run it in there, or they’ll have a riot. What’s the matter with you guys? Come on, be good Americans!”—Randall Patrick McMurphy

Kick it!

“They played with the heart of a champion and an unwavering spirit.”

If you want to find a source for that quote—when lockdowns are over—visit a local high school with a bad football team. Pick up a yearbook, flip to the football section, and when you begin to read about the team that went 1-9 or 0-10…the words you’ll usually find written are:

“They played with the heart of a champion and an unwavering spirit.”

At the old Mid Valley Sports office, we used to call that yearbook writing. If the Omellette, Big George, Big Rich, Gonzo, Matty-Nice, Wolfman, Sunshine—any of our staff—submitted “Heart of a champion” or “Unwavering spirit,” it was not only cut, but they were deservedly, and openly, mocked.

Until a young sportswriter makes his bones, I expect yearbook writing at the prep level. I expect him to spin a 49-0 Workman High School loss into— “Down by 49, the fighting spirit of the Lobos never wavered.”

But I don’t expect yearbook writing, or yearbook-speak, at the NFL Network.

“Good Morning Football” co-host Kay Adams presented the following to Peter Schrager:

Adams: “Peter Schrager, tell us your thoughts on the Buccaneers win in Green Bay.”

Schrager: “They had the heart of a champion and an unwavering spirit.”

Are you McFricken kidding me? I waited for him to crack a smile. I waited for the other slugs, Nate Burleson and Kyle Brandt, to call him out…They didn’t. No one did. You know why? Because they stink at their jobs.

That is, they stink at talking football. But they’re not paid to talk football. They’re paid to be friendly, fit in, conform and link football with a younger generation. Essentially to butt-smooch as if it were an NBA show. So if that’s the intent, they’re outstanding.

I realize I’m revealing my age, but it’s this weird thing about me. I like football shows to be about football instead of efforting to appeal by the lowest-common-denominator.


Rams have their quarterback! They’ve signed Devlin Hodges off the Pittsburgh Steelers Practice Squad. He didn’t throw a pass in 2020, but in 2019, he threw for 1,063-yards, five touchdowns, and eight interceptions in eight games for the Steelers.

Camp arm. If Hodges starts a game or throws more than five passes for the Rams during the 2021 regular season…The discussion will not be about Hodges’ future but Sean McVay’s.

The Rams Offensive Line:
(Starters, left to right)
LT: Andrew Whitworth, Joe Noteboom, Tremayne Anchrum Jr.
LG: David Edwards
C: Austin Blythe, Brian Allen
RG: Austin Corbett, Coleman Shelton
RT: Rob Havenstein, Bobby Evans

Note to McVay & Les Snead: Everyone agrees Andrew Whitworth is still playing at a high-level… He’s under-contract…And, yes, you can save a good chunk of change by kicking him to the curb and going with Joe Noteboom. 

Right now, even before the draft or free agency, the Rams have depth upfront. Remember your lesson following 2018 when you moved away from John Sullivan and Rodger Saffold and turned 2019 into open season on Jared Goff.

You could make a deal for a great quarterback, but are you going to park that quarterback behind a shoddy offensive line?

Rejoice in your depth, and don’t jack with Whitworth…Not yet anyway.


Kansas City at Tampa Bay: Buccaneers
It’s early, and I’ll go into more depth over the next 12-days…but I woke up this morning liking Tampa.

Buccaneers DC Todd Bowles has schemed the last two weeks against Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers…Plus, he’s faced Patrick Mahomes as recent as Week 12 (11/29/20).

Of course, in that game, Mahomes threw for 462-yards and three touchdowns.

Let’s move on…nothing to see here.


Note to Younger Fanview Readers: Believe it or not, there was a time when being referenced as The Goat or a Goat was not a good thing. Miss a field goal, throw a pick, clank a free-throw, misjudge a fly, kick a grounder, drop a third-strike…in a big game…and you became the Goat.


As a New York Mets fan, I would have liked George Springer…but six-years ($25-million per) to a 31-year-old outfielder? Pasadena on that.

Regarding a Mets deal for Trevor Bauer for anywhere between $36 to $40-million…or a shorter contract for $33-big ones…Heck yeah! It’s not my money…And it’s not even about Bauer to me. It’s the message the club is sending that they’ve come to play. 

Owner Steve Cohen has “Forget You” kind of money, and he’s flaunting it.


The Los Angeles Dodgers had the dough to keep Kiki Hernandez. The money at Chavez Ravine is endless, but the number of at-bats is finite. Hernandez gobbled up 400 at-bats in both the 2018 & 2019 seasons.

If the team’s going to find out about Gavin Lux and the other talent in the organization—and I’m sorry to say, it’s plentiful—then they’re going to need those at-bats.


Hall of Fame announcements coming today. I’m guessing–just guessing–and putting my finger to the wind…Barry Bonds gets in, and Curt Schilling doesn’t.

“It’s about free speech. I just look at the numbers and that he pitched during the Steroids Era and how good he was. Curt Schilling is a hall of famer.”–MLB Network analyst Cliff Floyd.

Expect more MLB talk on this website.


Miami at Brooklyn: Nets win—98-85
Nets (11-8) only scored 41 first-half points and led 81-80 with five minutes to play. The Heat (6-10) played without Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro, among many others. 

Two narratives. The first if you’re good enough to be within a point with five minutes to play, you’re good enough to win. 

But if you have Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving all in uniform, why did it take you so long to put this game away? And that’s why the NBA is a league of terrible basketball.  

NBA Games Seen: 44
Trail Blazers:2 

The Dude abides…
1 Corinthians 4:3-4

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