Fanview: January 13, 2021


“You can drug test me for anything except Budweiser.”—World B. Free

Kick it!

College Football Title Game: Alabama 52, Ohio State 24.

Don’t get me wrong, anytime Ohio State loses, I’m thrilled. But this game was boring to me as I viewed it from the semifinals. It was boring to me as a final. I just wasn’t interested.

By the way—Did you know this Alabama team is the greatest college football team of all-time? Of course, that’s not to be confused with LSU last year being the greatest college football team of all-time. I’ve heard Iowa State is supposed to be pretty good next fall–so keep an eye out.

I need a legitimate playoff with at least eight-teams. I need the possibility of an unlikely upset. I need some post-season attrition. I need a mountain climbed. Or just separate the SEC into its own college football league.


Everyone likes Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence, not going to get into him. I didn’t like Justin Fields during the regular season, loved him against Clemson, and didn’t know what to make of him Monday night against Alabama because the Tide rolled, and he was banged up.

BYU’s Zach Wilson is talented. I’ve never seen North Dakota State’s Trey Lance play, but I have seen Alabama’s, Mac Jones. I like Jones, but I’d be leary of drafting him too high. 

It’s interesting because the people who loved Tua Tagovailoa a year ago are down on Jones. Tua didn’t have a great arm. He’s a better athlete but not far and away better. He had great receivers and wide-open windows to throw into.

That’s Mac Jones save for not being overly athletic. Jones is accurate, has an arm that is good enough, and best of all—he is a decision-maker. Plus, Jones has sat, had to wait his turn, and had to survive Bryce Love coming to town. He’s tough.

But because Ohio State’s defensive game plan included trying to cover DeVonta Smith with a linebacker—I’m not swayed into believing Mac Jones is a top ten, top 15 pick. Late first round, early second–definitely. Then we’ll see how important those wide-open windows are to his game.

As of Right Now (subject to change):
Rams at Green Bay: For Rams fans, everything at this point is gravy. To survive Seattle without a healthy quarterback was a miracle. To survive Lambeau without a healthy quarterback and a banged-up Aaron Donald—Sean McVay will need to put a phone call into Moses for a Red Sea-type miracle.

If Donald is healthy, given the Rams ability to get a rush with four and the secondary play, they can cause fits for Aaron Rodgers and steal a win. And that wouldn’t take a miracle. It would only take not being sabotaged by the offense with a critical turnover(s).

Until I know about Donald—Packers win.

Baltimore at Buffalo: I’m all in with the Bills. I think they can go the distance, and I don’t think the game against the Colts reveals a whole lot. Indy is good, great offensive line, and Philip Rivers was well-protected. Experts are talking about Buffalo’s inability to rush the passer, but it’s not worse than Tennesse’s pass rush, and they sacked Lamar Jackson four times last week.

What experts aren’t talking about is Zack Moss leaving the field in a cart. Moss is far from a superstar but combined with Devin Singletary, he makes the Bills’ run game competent. Without Moss, more falls on Josh Allen.

The concern for the Ravens has always been falling behind and requiring Jackson to play catch up. If the Bills fall behind, Allen can rally them but not if Baltimore is eating up clock on the ground.

Giving a slight edge to—Baltimore wins.

Cleveland at Kansas City: Everything talked about last week, this week, and next week disappears in the noise that erupts if the Browns beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead. Cleveland people will go crazy. Fans not found in the Hue Jackson era will suddenly be declaring their eternal love going back to the days of Mike Phipps. 

It will be gross…and the post-mortem on the Chiefs will be even worse. I’ll agree, KC has been cruisin for a brusin, but until they get that brusin, they are the World Champion, Kansas City Chiefs. The Browns have a suspect secondary, and Patrick Mahomes will exploit it.

As of right now—Kansas City by 10-points.

Tampa Bay at New Orleans: This isn’t fair for me to assess. My hatred for the Saints runs deep, so I have to be careful. But I thought New Orleans looked vulnerable against Chicago. 

Tampa Bay needs to stay in its lane on defense. I think the Buccaneers can get to Drew Brees. I think Tom Brady and his receivers can make life miserable for the Saints secondary.

What’s guaranteed about this game? Following a fourth-quarter Tampa touchdown, a cry will sound about the Saints getting robbed. Demands for rule changes will be preached. Poor, poor, poor New Orleans.

Because I’m bitter—Tampa Bay wins.
Indianapolis at Golden State—Pacers win-104-95
I appreciated the Warriors’ (6-5) defense. They played hard, but both teams played poorly. Poor shooting, poor decision making, and it’s sold as great basketball. It wasn’t great. I’ll say okay, but not great.

There were moments I thought I was watching an old video of a Church League basketball practice. Talk about fright night.

It was my first time seeing the Pacers (7-4). I think they’ll need more to get by Boston or Milwaukee in a seven-game series. I want to see more from Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner. If those guys develop consistency, the Pacers could be dangerous. Then again, if any NBA team developed some consistency, they’d be dangerous.

I still think Steph Curry looks a little slow, but that still makes him better than most of the NBA.

NBA Games Seen: 28
Trail Blazers:2 

The Dude abides…
Romans 16:25-27

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