Joe T.’s Sports Show (Test Run) Vol. 3: 9/11/20

Vol. 3 of "The Joe T. Sports Show" brought to you by the law firm of "Hoongadoonga, Hoongadoonga, Hoongadoonga & McCormick.Talking football and the very first JT NFL Electoral Congress Top 10!(Note: In the end–Although, I intended to make a comment about this being 9-11…I backed off…There are few things that can take me immediately to another place (a form of PTSD). Any time I have to enter a NICU–intensive care for newborns–and talking about 9-11…I don't think you needed to see me cry during a silly/just for fun sports show…I'll just say this with all my heart: God Bless America!)

Posted by Joe Torosian's Books on Friday, September 11, 2020
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