Joe T.’s Book: May 7, 2020

I’m happy to say Part 4: “The Fifth Quarter” of “Till The Cows Come Home” is now available thru Amazon.

I’m being asked to answer some questions:

1.) No, they are not four separate novels…They are four SHORT separate installments of a book I wrote called: “Till The Cows Come Home.” It is set in El Monte in November of 1974. Think of them as chapters in the same story.

2.) All the characters are fiction. 

3.) In Part 2, Donna Hackett was described as having blue eyes…I can assure you, her eyes are green. The same color they were when I saw her in my nightmare a long time ago. It was a typing error that has since been corrected.

4.) I’ve been asked if I lived any of the experiences of the first four installments. A little bit of it I’ve lived. I don’t want to say which parts because that would involve people and places and dates that wouldn’t be appropriate to get into.

A good chunk is being creative and incorporating my nightmares and memories with the place I grew up (El Monte).

And a lot of it is being the guy in the corner watching things at the party. Observing is my best gift. As I said in the Author’s Note for “The Dark Norm” I wish I was a better writer, I wish I was a better editor, but what I’m best at is observing and remembering.

It also helped to be the kid—with the BIG EARS—in 1974, who eavesdropped on his teen brothers and their friends’ conversations while diagraming plays on the carpet with his football cards. 

5.) I’m asked if these things are stuck in my head as unresolved situations in my life that I want to work out.

Nope…What they are, are stories that have come to me, and I’m clearing off the desk of my mind. Maybe I could be diagnosed with some sort of abbreviated disorder, but it makes no difference. I’m compelled to write these stories and finish them. Otherwise, it’s like leaving something undone, and when we leave something undone, it can drive us crazy.

I don’t want to be crazy. I want to have peace, so that’s the reason why I have to write.

God Bless, 

Joe T.


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