News & Notes: LA District Men’s Retreat #1:

Numbers, Goals, & The Wonderful:

When we set our target for retreat, we were aiming to get between 30-to-50 men. Hitting that mark was our hope. As of noon today (March 10th), we hit 30 registered. 

“Big deal, 30, so what?” 

Well, when working camps and retreats, the analytics tell us things don’t get hot—in terms of registration—until about ten days out. Retreat is April 3-5. That means around March 24th, registration should catch fire. That’s two weeks from now. 

Today’s number tells us interest is there and it’s building. And it also tells us something wonderful is about to happen.


Push Back: “I don’t want to go and get all mushy. It’s not my thing.”

I get it…I hate mushy stuff too. I don’t like going places where the expectation is for me to break down, cry, and reveal my hurts to people I only sort of know.

We alI have a limit on how many times we can hear—and reasonably digest—“I love you, bro!”—I don’t even want my own brother hugging me.

Okay…So chill…At Los Angeles District Men’s Retreat, you won’t have to do any of that. Of course, we’ll have people (quite a few Pastors) around if you need to share, but no one is going to make you talk or push you into Breakfast Club moments where it’s required to reveal your inner-self.

As guys, we are always too cool for this kind of stuff, so don’t worry about it. You’re not going to be forced into any of it. So if that’s a reason for not to coming, it is now off the table. Okay?

Spread the word.

Get registered.


What is Required?

Breakfast, lunch, dinner & Four worship services…That’s it.

Retreat Offers These options: 

You want to go to the shooting range, go to the shooting range.

You want to take a hike, take a hike.

You want to play soccer, play soccer.

You want to ride a bike, ride a bike.

You want to throw tomahawks, throw tomahawks.

You want to play volleyball, play volleyball.

You want to do NOTHING…(A highly popular activity) Then do NOTHING…

This retreat’s goal is about refreshing you to life, not scheduling you to death.


Why Do You Need to Go to Los Angeles District Men’s Retreat?

1.) It breaks the routine…I know, I know, I know guys love to grind and take care of business for their families. Awesome…but part of taking care of that business is taking care of yourself. It doesn’t make you less of a man to take a Friday and a weekend off. You need it more than you think.

2.) Your hands are strong. Your mind is strong…and maybe your body is still strong…but you’re kidding yourself if you think you’ll remain spiritually strong by not filling yourself up spiritually. Ephesians 5:18 reminds us to be filled with the Spirit.

3.) We all need to hear the Word…We all need to worship…

More to come…

If you have a question…

Email me at:

If you have a question regarding camp registration/logistics


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