The Fallout: October 9, 2019

By Joe Torosian

(Each Monday is the day we triage our teams and players. Assess damage to our egos and standing in the sports community and put in place what we are going to do, say, and believe about sports this coming week.)

“Eight miles high and falling fast…”

Last Thursday night’s Rams loss to the Seattle Seahawks, left me not nearly as upset as other losses have in the McVay era. The Rams are going to be fine…But it is funny how 15 attempts and a mere 51 rushing yards (Todd Gurley’s numbers) can open up the offense. Just make an effort to run the ball and watch Jared Goff move the team.

Sleep well because we’re going to crush the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday…

Speaking of funny…It is hilarious how four victories over the Browns, Cardinals, Steelers, and Buccaneers (a combined 5-15) can vault the 49ers—in the minds of many—into being the second-best team in the NFL.

I think they need to win this Sunday at the Coliseum before they can be in any serious discussion…And Jimmy Garappolo? Sorry, not buying…and you shouldn’t either.

I hear John Facenda’s voice: “But for Cinderella, the clock was about to strike midnight, because she had a date with Doomsday.”

(I know “Doomsday” belongs to Dallas, but it’s Facenda.)


When you dance with Red China, Red China gets to pick the music, tells you what to wear.


MLB Notes: Given last year, I’ve been surprised to see Cody Bellinger in the Dodgers lineup every day during the post-season. Usually, he’s benched in the name of Saber-Sanity…

Never take the Minnesota Twins, they are the Joe Biden of baseball…They always get to the post-season, but never get to the end…And I like the Twins.

Is the Howie Kendrick experiment at first base over for the Washington Nationals?


As I watched nine NFL games at once on Sunday morning…I was stunned at how many players didn’t use knee pads…Have you ever banged knees? I used to play basketball, a “non-collision” sport…Banging a knee is just short of apocalyptic…And even as soft as the NFL continues to become, football is still a collision sport. Why invite unnecessary pain?


Is nobody worried about all of Christian McCaffrey’s touches for Carolina? He’s great to watch, and he’s a big help to Kyle Allen…but if this continues by mid-2021, this dude’s going to be more done than Lionel “Little Train” James…


Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Lamar Jackson, gets an “A” for effort…You can see the work he’s done to improve. I like him, he wants to be better…But, so far, he only gets a “C” for his results. I heard it somewhere—about a million times—it’s tough to be an NFL quarterback. And an NFL quarterback always needs to look pass before he looking run.


Did anyone else think Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Mason Rudolph died when he got smashed Sunday?

I thought Devlin Hodges looked pretty good—for being a third-stringer thrust into action. But his biggest problem is having Bubby Brister’s number on his back. He better do something about that real fast.


Now that they’ve fired Jay Gruden, I’m sure everything will instantly improve for the Washington Redskins.


I’m not into “sports” that have to be decided by a judge or judges… I’ve liked Boxing in the past, but I’ve never loved Boxing. Gymnastics, figure skating? No, not interested because the outcome is determined by a judge holding up a card.

And if you’re old enough to remember when the Olympics mattered—Everyone always sat on pins and needles at what the “Soviet” judge would have to say.

Joke? Absolutely.

I bring all this up because the NFL has opened itself up to reviews of everything…It reviews turnovers, it reviews scores, it reviews pass interference, and coming soon—I get the feeling—it’s going to start reviewing roughing the passer.

The officials on the field have no clue what’s going on…There’s no standard, so it is all open to interpretation…What wasn’t called when Goff was getting hit while in the pocket in Seattle, to what was called when Russell Wilson was scrambling out of the pocket and got blasted by Clay Matthews, to what was called when Dak Prescott was running, with the ball tucked, against the Green Bay Packers. 

It’s going to happen this post-season. A new rule will be invoked, challenges and reviews will be implemented, and we’ll all be waiting for a judge’s decision.

And the XFL should be taking notes and doing cartwheels.


When number 28 runs the ball for the Oakland Raiders, you see Josh Jacobs…I see Clarence Davis…Davis was a much better back than anyone knew…Jacobs could be a great back that everyone recognizes.

Dang! The Raiders, huh?


Who is like the El Monte Jets? Who is able to make war with them?

Amid a horrendous Sunday afternoon loss to the Denver Broncos at home, I’d like to thank Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers for checking down to Austin Ekeler 15 times…It aided me in my 251-152 fantasy football victory over the Bad News Bolts (Duane Barker’s team)…I’m currently 5-0.


Would you give Dak Prescott $30-million a year after five games this season?


MLB Note Part 2:

My first rooting preference in the MLB playoffs is that the Dodgers lose…and that they lose in the most painful of ways…I know this makes me look like a San Francisco Giants fan circa 1973-1992, and reduces me in many ways…It’s unhealthy…but, temporarily, satisfying.

So because the most important thing is the Dodgers losing, I’ve been precluded from rooting for the Minnesota Twins or Tampa Bay Rays because they’re not good enough to beat the Bums…Now if the Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg can send the Dodgers packing after tonight…Then good luck and may the best team win…

Since Clayton Kershaw is not starting tonight…, I’m leaning to the Dodgers pulling it out.

I like the Houston Astros at home…and I’m going to go with the St. Louis Cardinals over the Atlanta Braves…Because I like the Cards uniform better…And if the Braves are demoralized, they might not be as good next year in the National League East.


Joe T.’s Top Ten NFL Quarterbacks NOW:

1.) Pat Mahomes: I like the number 15.

2.) Tom Brady: “Joe, he’s Tom Brady!”—Ana Torosian

3.) Russell Wilson: He’s number three with a bullet.

4.) Aaron Rodgers: You beat Dallas, in Dallas, you always get a bump. 

5.) Deshaun Watson: If he stays upright, he will be the best QB in the NFL by 2021.

6.) Carson Wentz: Not solid at six.

7.) Matt Ryan: Playing alright, however, only one pass away from being Matthew Stafford.

8.) Jared Goff: Has to develop a better rapport with a receiver not named Cooper Kupp.

9.) Philip Rivers: 15 completions to Ekeler is all you’ve got to say.

10.) Jacoby Brissett: I’m still heeding the words of “The Wolf,” but I like watching him.

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