The Fallout: September 23, 2019

By Joe Torosian

(Each Monday is the day we triage our teams and players. Assess damage to our egos and standing in the sports community and put in place what we are going to do, say, and believe about sports this coming week.)

“Eight miles high and falling fast…”

The Los Angeles Rams aren’t playing well…The offense hasn’t found its stride…and Sean McVay is still a little too cute in his decision making…but they’re 3-0. They’re undefeated with two road victories in charged environments (opener at Carolina/Buzz in Cleveland) and a home victory over a motivated rival.

I’m not nervous about the Rams.

If I were a Cleveland Browns fan, yes, I would be nervous.

The offensive line stinks, the receivers are fantastic…and Baker Mayfield has the potential to be great, but he’ll need to work at being great in the NFL. I don’t know if he knows that. He figured it out in college, but you can survive a higher percentage of bad decisions in college than in the pros.

And until Mayfield becomes great, I don’t know if the Browns will be good enough to overcome the insane play-calling last night. Cleveland may—may—have found its quarterback, but it hasn’t found its head coach.

Freddie Kitchens will be unemployed before Clay Helton and Jim Harbaugh.

Good win for USC, but Utah was cruising for a bruising…The Utes passing game isn’t good enough for them to be ranked in the Top 10 (and then their top back goes down). … And I know this is forbidden being that I live and work in the San Gabriel Valley… But after watching Matt Fink (Glendora alum), I readily understood why Kedon Slovis was ahead of him on the depth chart. I didn’t think his arm was great, I thought his receivers bailed him out, but he looks like somebody his teammates want to play for.

How will USC do against Washington and Notre Dame? I don’t know, but I’m picking against them.

After Saturday night, I’ll allow the UCLA quarterback to be referred to as “DTR.”
And I’ve never really been much of a Washington State fan.

Saw Kansas City beat Baltimore while home sick on Sunday morning. The Chiefs need to do something about their secondary.

I’ve never seen anything like Pat Mahomes. He’s a little bit of everything, the biscuit, and the beans.

I tweeted Arroyo HC Jim Singiser (KC Fan) Sunday morning:

Me: “I’m asking @JimSingiser if he’s given appropriate thanks for having Pat Mahomes as his quarterback?

Singiser: “Yes. But I’ve said… on draft night I didn’t like it. So we can cross GM off my career pursuits.

And while the Ravens Lamar Jackson has shown improvement—He looks so much better than he did a year ago throwing the ball—I still caution everyone to heed the words of “The Wolf” before granting stardom on him.

He threw a pair of desperate ducks against KC his receivers made plays on. If those receivers don’t make those plays, the narrative about Jackson on Monday morning is entirely different.

I don’t like it when people gloat…but I am 3-0 in fantasy football.
Cowboys 31 Dolphins 6: I hate Dallas and Miami’s not a friend, not a brother, they’re nothing to me. But, I thought the fact that Dolphins quarterback Josh Rosen got through that game being sacked only three times, offering up no picks, and was not mangled while being hampered by a weak receiving corps was a real positive in his career development.

Texans 27 Chargers 20: If I’m Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen, I remain positive to all my teammates, but I do corner Travis Benjamin and say; “What the blank, dude? Make the blanking catch!”

On the other side of things…I could watch Deshaun Watson throw the ball all day. His running, I’m not too crazy about.

Melvin Gordon, what are you thinking?

Dodger fans feeling confident?
Maybe Brandon League is available to be your closer in October?

The Saints beating the Seahawks…in Seattle…makes the Rams win last week look a lot better.

49ers 24 Steelers 20: I didn’t think the NFL allowed the Steelers to start a season 0-3.
Am I worried, as a Rams fan, about the 49ers? Yes, I think they could potentially be very good in 2020.

Giants 32 Buccaneers 31: Daniel Jones, Daniel Jones, Daniel Jones…But I’m excited for Jameis Winston. The Tampa Bay quarterback continues to get better under Bruce Arians. His team still sucks, but Winston—unlike Marcus Mariota—is playing with the urgency of someone who could be looking for work next January.

Mariota appears XFL bound.

Wisconsin 35 Michigan14: How ridiculous do the Wolverines look? I think they’d struggle in the Pac 12 South. Regarding the Badgers…well…I like the name of their stadium; Camp Randall.

Harbaugh, Helton, or Kitchens…who really gets fired first?

I expected so much more out of Georgia at home against Notre Dame. Yeah, they won, but I was expecting a blowout.
…And I was this close to posting: “Oh, I’ve always been a Georgia fan!”

In regards to Antonio Brown…Washington State broke my heart with that loss to UCLA.

Given the Oakland Raiders struggles and Jon Gruden’s lack of patience…do you think “Chucky” has called Bruce Gradkowski yet?

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