The Fallout: September 16, 2019

By Joe Torosian

(Each Monday is the day we triage our teams and players. Assess damage to our egos and standing in the sports community and put in place what we are going to do, say, and believe about sports this coming week.)

“Eight miles high and falling fast…”


Only two things were missing in the Kansas City Chiefs second quarter against the Oakland Raiders yesterday. One, former Washington Redskins receiver Ricky Sanders….Two, former Denver Broncos safety Tony Lily giving chase.


After calling the Los Angeles Rams 27-9 win over the New Orleans Saints on Saturday afternoon (See photo below), I only have one complaint.

Note to Sean McVay: Pound the ball. You love play-action? Great, pound the ball, so it can sell. It doesn’t matter if the initial gains are small, they will improve, and the passing game will be more consistent. Pound the ball.


I rest my case…


Regarding USC, it’s not that they’re a lousy team…It’s just that they’re not USC. They look more like something out of the Big Sky Conference.


Every time a rival league starts, it’s treated as a joke. Everyone in the media and on the message boards has big laughs–and rightly so.

But the NFL is opening a door broad and wide for the XFL to go through. 

The call on the Saints Cam Jordan’s fumble return against the Rams was terrible… The call for roughing the passer on Denver Broncos linebacker, Bradley Chubb was worse. 

People can tolerate bad football, but they cannot tolerate football being interrupted every other play with a yellow flag.

If Vince McMahon and Oliver Luck are taking notes, the XFL can offer a brand of football that most football fans are accustomed to seeing. 

The NFL, so terrified of criticism, has succumbed to “Do Something Syndrome.” This happens when the powers that be assume something/anything must be done in the wake of any crisis. Regardless if the action taken is an improvement, it demonstrates that the NFL cares. They’ll get their pat on the back and will be given a pass until they are forced to find a way to flag Aaron Donald for breaking Drew Brees’s thumb.

And, of course, somebody has to be flagged for Ben Roethlisberger’s elbow injury. Perhaps Pittsburgh HC, Mike Tomlin, should be suspended for making Roethlisberger throw too much between starts?

The NFL has lost its way.

The pass interference challenge is a joke. The league could easily employ the college rule of 15-yards and a first down while reserving a flagrant takedown to spot the ball as they do now.

The “block in the back” calls so close to the line of scrimmage are ridiculous. No blindside blocks is overmanagement.

And this call on Chubb was insane. And I hate the Broncos.

The NFL has forgotten football is a contact sport. You cannot over police it and kid yourself that you’re still going to have a product people want to see.


NFL Rules One More Thing: Football is violent, and if it is too violent, then it should not be played.

The Sunday Night game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons was ugly but attractive. And I’ll tell you why it was attractive, it was attractive because you had two teams and players putting everything on the line.

It cannot be softened and still be called football.


During the USC-BYU game on Saturday, I thought heard echoes of “The Wolf” in regards to Kedon Slovis: “Well, let’s not start…just yet.”


Honestly, UCLA should have torn down the goalposts after allowing only 48 points against Oklahoma. I fully expected the Sooners to drop a 60-Burger on them.


Most Over Used/Cliched Line in Sports: “As an organization, we take these allegations very seriously, and will be fully cooperating with the NFL.”


Cam Newton Follow Up: The dude, while styling at the podium after the game (and being straight up about needing to play better), is done. I’ll accept being wrong on that, but I don’t think I am.


And since we’re speaking about “done”…I have to say along with the Minnesota Vikings Kirk Cousins, and the Broncos Joe Flacco,  the other quarterback I’m least interested in ever seeing again, is Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota. 

It’s been half a decade, and I think he’s established himself as the perfect 9-7 quarterback.


Last Add Quarterbacks: And without Julio Jones…I don’t think I want to see the Falcons Matt Ryan throw the ball–ever again.


I love my Mid Valley Sports brothers…I envy them on Sunday afternoons when I see pics of them working NFL games…But I rejoice that it’s not me when they’re covering Galaxy games on a Sunday evening.

Nothing but love…but homie don’t play that.


Last Add USC: You do remember the conversation we had last week about the Trojan’s victory over Stanford being fool’s gold, right? I genuinely believe the seat Clay Helton is sitting on has officially pre-heated to 450. 


First Add Los Angeles Chargers: Bolts, you needed to beat Detroit.


By the way, I’m still a huge Washington State fan.

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