The Fallout: September 9, 2019

By Joe Torosian

(Each Monday is the day we triage our teams and players. Assess damage to our egos and standing in the sports community and put in place what we are going to do, say, and believe about sports this coming week.)

“Eight miles high and falling fast…”

The Los Angels Rams need to pay Cory Littleton NOW…And issue a public apology for not paying him sooner.

It’s okay to be happy about the Rams 30-27 victory over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday…I’m not…but then, again, it was their fifth preseason game.

LSU-Texas…Hallelujah! I didn’t even care who won. Just Hallelujah!

I hear the name “Kedon Slovis,” and I think Romanian vampire…At least until Saturday night, now I know its the name of a potentially great USC quarterback.

Given the events of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday…I assumed the Brown that would win on Sunday would be the Cleveland Browns…

…But it was Antonio Brown.

I can hear Charlie Sheen right now: “Winning…”

Note To Brown Bandwagoners: Gosh! Did that suck!”

I just wanted everyone to see how my fantasy team did against Andy Villanueva’s team this week?

Note to Trojan Fans: You do understand USC’s victory of Stanford is fool’s gold, right?

I believe some people were serious when they said Clay Helton is now off the hot seat.

Have you ever ranked the Los Angeles sports teams in order of importance? And I mean in order of importance to you. As in, which one are you willing to schedule your day around or even buy a ticket to see.

I count at least 15 teams (college & pro) that are vying for your attention. I’d be curious to know which ones you truly care about and which ones could go away without creating a ripple of angst in your sporting universe.

The list, in no particular order:
(Did I miss anybody?)

I predict a great three months for Antonio Brown—okay, ten weeks—in New England. And then Antonio Brown returns. There will be a fresh meltdown. He’s not Randy Moss.

Moss wasn’t crazy. Moss had an attitude, some selfishness, but still played football. AB is crazy…And before you say he isn’t, please realize he Instagrammed is way out of a guaranteed $30-million.

I would have felt better about the Raiders dumping him if they had done it after his apology and before he said he wanted to be released.

But I hear they got Keelan Doss back…

…I quote Ben Roethlisberger, “Whatever…”

Next Add Rams Win in Carolina: Call me crazy but when I lead, 23-20, with seven minutes to play and have a first and goal inside my opponent’s five…I’m not going to bring in a rookie running back (Darrell Henderson) for his first-ever NFL carry.

That’s the kind of Super Bowl stupid that enabled the New England Patriots to win their sixth NFL title. Especially after Todd Gurley and Malcolm Brown have found their stride.

How bad is UCLA football? Not only did the Rose Bowl look like AAF title game—if one had been played—but they lost to San Diego State.

Cincinnati, which beat the Bruins the week before, couldn’t dent the scoreboard against Ohio State and lost 42-0.

The Bruins are a galaxy far, far, away from being relevant. Now, more than ever, they need their basketball team to have a good season.

If the Bruins played the Miami Dolphins what would be the overs & unders attendance wise?

First Add Los Angeles Chargers: “Melvin, who?”

Have you ever driven a four-cylinder, automatic, 1973 Pinto, up Kellog Hill? If you have, then you know the current condition of the Dodgers pitching staff.

I said to my Dodger friends, get a starter.

My Dodger friends said back to me, we need relievers. We’ve got starters.

I said they’re going to run out of gas.

They said there’s no indication of that happening.

If Adam Vinatieri was going to go into the business of costing his team football games, then I wish he’d gotten into it during Super Bowl 34.

Last Add San Diego Chargers:…But does anyone care about the Chargers?

That’s unfair…but unfortunately true.

Second Add Rams 30-27 Win Over Carolina:
Cam Newton looked geriatric for the first game of the 2019 season.

Saw “It: Chapter Two” on Saturday night…If I was supposed to be scared by the clown I wasn’t. If I was supposed to be creeped out in a Johnny Depp/Willy Wonka sort of way…I was.

The Seattle Seahawks got a sack and a pass deflection from Jadeveon Clowney, but their 21-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals encourages me as a Rams fan.

Dante Fowler had two sacks for the Rams…Just saying… (and I hate it when people say: ‘Just saying…’)

I’m actually thinking about going back to Direct TV to get the Sunday Ticket just so I can watch Pat Mahomes every week.

Last Add Rams: I love the idea of Gurley and Brown sharing the workload in the backfield. I loved the way the offensive line—with its new parts—plowed the road. I’m even good with Darrell Henderson getting his touches (in appropriate parts of the field).

But what I wasn’t good with was kicking a 41-yard field goal late in the game when the Rams already had a 10-point lead, 30-20.

It was fourth and one, Gurley was in rhythm, Brown was bashing, and the offensive line was getting a push on every play…and McVay goes for the field goal?

Big mistake. Go for the first down, likely get it, eat more clock, and win the game in relative ease. Instead, McVay sends out his kicker to do little more than window dress what was already a two-possession advantage.

That’s the kind of Super Bowl stupid that sends somebody else to Miami in February.

I had no problem with New England Patriots and their clubbing of the Pittsburg Steelers last night…When it comes to football, I love an evil empire.

Have I mentioned that I’m a huge Washington State fan?

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