Fallout: August 26, 2019

By Joe Torosian

“Eight miles high and falling fast…”

If I were a Dodgers or Yankees fan—all jazzed about one of the few great reasons for interleague play—and had paid those insane prices to go to Chavez Ravine this weekend…I’d be hacked to no end about having to watch them play in those ridiculous “Players Weekend” uniforms. Seriously, who is the jackwagon in MLBs front office that allowed that to happen?

I have come to the conclusion that seeing Kenley Jansen take the hill in the ninth is like a new installment of the Indiana Jones series…

No one’s arguing that Andrew Luck didn’t bang up his body. Horrible offensive line coupled with the lack of wisdom we all had in our youth when he took on defenders instead of going out of bounds or sliding. No one is arguing he didn’t have the right to retire. No one is arguing that he wasn’t great.


Did Andrew Luck expect to never be injured again? I doubt it, and he knew getting injured was a possibility when he capped a terrific comeback season in 2018…But if he has a lack of motivation, passion, and desire now…Then he had to have had it when he was still sore last February. That’s when he should have retired.

By quitting now instead of in the winter or spring, Luck shafted the Indianapolis Colts and their fanbase. They put together a team for 2019 expecting to compete. They signed players and players signed with the organization believing they had an elite quarterback under center. Fans bought tickets with the same expectation.

Luck doesn’t deserve to be hated, but he deserved to be booed. And everyone calling out Colts fans…stop running with the herd. If Luck doesn’t deserve to be booed, then the fans don’t deserve to be chastised.

Everything holds together if Jacoby Brissett turns into the next Kurt Warner. Everything gets murky if Brissett starts 16 games and is not Kurt Warner. I’m not saying he’ll be Curtis Painter, but this team is built to win now. It’s not built to wait for Brissett to develop in two or three years.

I was expecting a little more out of the Florida Gators on Saturday…College Football should really play some tune-up games. Question, what was worse last weekend: Gators-Hurricanes or the Pac 12?

Where is USC ranked in conference? Sixth? Oregon, Washington, Utah, Washington State, Stanford…then the Trojans? I’m certainly excited. 

I personally don’t have any hope in JT Daniels being the USC quarterback…He hasn’t transferred in from another program. How can you have a great NCAA D-1 quarterback unless he first began at another school? …Like Georgia.

The injury of August that no one is spending enough time on is the one to Los Angeles Chargers safety, Derwin James. His busted foot, to me, is more disappointing than Luck retiring or Melvin Gordon holding out.

People do not appreciate the play of an excellent free safety. James is an excellent free safety.

How exciting Dwight Howard is back with the Los Angeles Lakers. I’m still holding out for the return of Smush Parker, and looking forward to seeing LeBron James play 50-55 games.

Since I don’t cover prep sports anymore, I have the freedom to say how ridiculous CIF and all the powers that be are for allowing the high school football season to start in the third week of August.

What a joke…I’m assuming the same people who thought the “Players Weekend” uniforms were a good idea for MLB are the same ones that think starting the prep football season during the hottest time of the year was a brilliant idea.

Joe Bits-1: I love the Mets, but a three-game sweep by the Atlanta Braves at Citi Field is a crusher.
Joe Bits-2: I feel for Peterson and Barker at Mid Valley Sports. One night you’re covering the Los Angeles Chargers…And the next you’re covering the LA Galaxy…Brutal…
Joe Bits-3: Just when the Rams are about to leave for their new stadium, the Coliseum is looking better than it ever has.
Joe Bits-4: I dumped Direct TV a year ago…Went through Sling, currently using YouTube-TV, downloaded Pluto to see the NFL Network, have a FireStick and Apple TV…but I still can’t see everything I want to see.
Joe Bits-5: I started listening to sports-talk again…Then I stopped listening to sports-talk again.

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